If you’re Google, What Do You Want Your Users to Experience?

You need to Google think! In my opinion, this means simplicity, effectiveness, and efficiency, without compromising on originality and individuality. This article will discuss how thinking like Google can make you the top dog in whatever industry you are in.

This article will discuss how thinking like Google can make you the top dog in whatever industry you are in

This article will discuss how thinking like Google can make you the top dog in whatever industry you are in

Google Think: Simplicity

By my recollection, before Google came along with its “barely there” search engine décor, everyone was using a well known search engine that is a full on web directory (I refuse to name names). I do not mean that Google invented the format, because they did not. I meant that their approach was extremely simple. This is also indicative of their corporate culture and management style. As a result “Google it” is a byword for a place where you can find the answer to any question you might have.

Google Think: Effectiveness

Effectiveness is defined as doing the right thing. As a search engine, Google is effective because when you ask a question or input words relevant to your search, your next window will be populated by related results. In my opinion, this is actually applicable in everyday life. In that, when someone asks you a question, answer it correctly. In business speak, this means find as gap in the market and then answer to that need, fill that gap and make a steady profit for lack of competition.

Google Think: Efficiency

Efficiency means doing the right thing in the least amount of time. As a search engine, Google strives to refine its search engine results. Case in point is their new policy relative to Meta keywords that are no longer used to factor in website ranking. This is a complete turnaround on its earlier practice of utilizing Meta keywords to rank a website.

What you should take away from this is that any procedure or standard practice is fair game in order to better reflect business demands. It does not matter if others are still practicing something you know to be wrong. You stop, the moment you find out it is. As a result, you become a trendsetter or whistle blower instead of a follower or victim of an outdated practice.

Google Think: Individual Pursuits

Some of you may not know this but Google allows its employees to use company time and dedicates a substantial amount of resource for its employees to pursue pet projects. In my opinion, the rationale behind this is to eliminate distractions by getting it out of the employees system.

Granted that most companies do not have the resources to implement the same policy, let alone disburse the amounts. The reasoning is still sound. In that, a happy and fulfilled person is one who can perform at his/her peak when required.

In Closing

To answer the question posited at the start of this article. If I were Google, I would want my users to find what they are looking for. And I would like the same to be done in the least amount of time, with the highest level of satisfaction.


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