IMMAP’s Certified Digital Marketer Program

Business has been categorized as a game, an art, and a science, but something about all, it’s a skill. If there are people who are somehow born with the enviable talent of having the Midas touch, there are others who, with enough perseverance, can get something close to it. Something like… the Midas gloves? Maybe.

Kidding aside, there is now a local university in the Philippines that offers online marketing courses that are certified to enhance your selling skills to the next level. The Digital Marketer Program offered at Ateneo de Manila University is an IMMAP-certified program that anyone interested can join in.

The Program


There are 11 courses inside the program, and completing all 11 will give the graduate the title of Certified Digital Marketer, both by Ateneo and by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines, or IMMAP. But if you don’t fancy completing all 11 courses (because they do come with a price tag), you can take whichever course you fancy.

As participants can choose which courses to take, this is helpful for both budding entrepreneurs and for those… ah, shall we say rooted business individuals?

The Courses

Here are the courses that you can choose. Depending on your current skills, you can go for all 11, or a select few. Either way, you’ll be enhancing your business knowledge and marketing skills.

The Digital Marketing Plan

This course tackles the fundamentals of online business and marketing. It will cover digital marketing terminologies, platforms, common strategies, and will end with a project that will ask participants to build their very first digital marketing campaign. This is good for the beginners in the industry to get a feel of the scope of online marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

This course will tackle everything there is to know about search engine manipulation, such as search engine optimization, pay per click, and other techniques.


This course will discuss how online marketers can take care of their customers, via the e-CRM or the Electronic Customer Relationship Marketing. If you have a good product but are unsure of how to approach people, this course is for you.


Going from specific to a general topic, e-Commerce discusses the vast scope of internet marketing. This is for the serious business individuals who want to learn everything there is about the industry.

What Works in Websites

The next courses will tackle in specific areas of online marketing, starting with websites. This course will break down the components of a business website and explain what works for consumers and what doesn’t. This is equally good for entrepreneurs and web designers or web developers, too.

Effective Email Marketing

This course will tackle email and how it can be used for marketing purposes. Newsletters, list database, and lead management are some of the things covered.


Though cyber crime is still within the grey area of justice, that doesn’t excuse sellers to disregard their ethical responsibilities.

Online Advertising

This course will focus on the use of online public ads using text, images and other media such as videos.

Integrated Marketing Communications

This course will give a full round and about view of internet marketing. Participants will get to know the difference between traditional and digital marketing communication techniques.

Mobile Marketing

This course is for programmers and entrepreneurs who are interested in tapping into the mobile app industry. With the rise of super smartphones, mobile marketing is a promising area for online marketers.

Social Media Marketing

Last, but not least, how can we forget the sites that people visit the most? This course will discuss and explain how marketers can use the different forms of social media to their businesses’ advantage.

Those are 11 diverse but connected ways where you can certainly enhance your entrepreneurial skills. Are you ready to be certified?


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