Marketing Warfare: Going Guerilla on Your IM Campaigns

The concept of Guerilla marketing has been around for years. It came about as a more ingenious and creative way to do marketing campaigns at a time when marketing and advertising budgets were compromised by cost-cutting measures. With the advent of new and less expensive ways to do marketing, is there still room for Guerilla techniques in marketing warfare? The answer to this does not have anything to do with new marketing trends easing out old ones. The basic concept of Guerilla marketing still holds value and could very well be integrated in today’s marketing tools and campaigns.


Guerilla marketing first appeared as a marketing concept in Jay Conrad Levinson’s book of the same title. He defined this brand of marketing as “an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy, and imagination rather than a big marketing budget.” This became a buzz word in marketing circles and has thus been included in marketing textbooks. The appeal of Guerilla marketing is in how effectively it engages its target audiences in unconventional and out-of-the box promotional campaigns without requiring much in terms of budget.

To become truly effective as a marketing technique, however, Guerilla marketing needs to be part of an integrated plan that makes use of a variety of channels and media in a series of campaigns. Guerilla marketing does not only spread awareness. It pulls in its target audiences and makes them part of the promotional campaign. The following are ways by which your online guerrilla marketing campaign can be more effective:

  1. Stand out – there are many others like you who are engaged in internet marketing. You want to be different, in a good way, and stand out from the crowd. You want your target audience to notice you as a cut above the rest. Do your homework and scope out your competition. Find out what makes you different from your competitors and capitalize on that as your unique value proposition.
  2. Make noise – do not be afraid to make some noise, shake the boat so to speak. Stir the calm waters and let your messages get heard. Making noise, however, does not mean being wild and raucous. Making noise in Guerilla marketing means making your messages resound loud and clear where it matters most – in the minds of your target market.
  3. Be on target – know your target market and what tickles their fancy. Guerilla marketing campaigns are often localized and done with small groups at a time. These campaigns eventually ripple out as they turn viral and spread to other similar groups. Make sure that you hit the bull’s eye with your Guerilla marketing campaign to get it to ripple out as far as you want it to.
  4. Build relationships – drawing people in and making them part of the marketing activity is what Guerilla marketing is all about. It’s the relationships that this brand of marketing results in that keeps the business growing. As differentiated from other types of marketing campaigns, Guerilla marketing puts more importance in maintaining relationships with existing customers and in building a loyal following rather than in gaining new customers.

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