Massive Traffic Vs. Quality Traffic

Website Traffic: Pay attention to the matter of pros and cons.

Website Traffic: Pay attention to the matter of pros and cons.

I often hear marketers argue about the topic of traffic.

Indeed, some of them believe that continuously attracting thousands of visitors is the fastest way to attain entrepreneurial success. On the other hand, there are those who claim that even a handful of netizens would suffice as long as such individuals are truly interested in what the website offers. Well, in order to better understand each kind of traffic, it would be necessary to pay attention to the matter of pros and cons.

The Massively Quick

        When thinking about massive traffic, I always end up pondering upon fees. Simply put, sites that need a considerable boost in visits are often worked on by companies that specialize in prospect generation. I should point out however, that not all of such firms direct real visitors to online hubs. Moreover, some traffic-boosting businesses do not carry out proper targeting techniques. With these in mind, it would be safe to say that massive traffic strategies do not always lead to increased sales.

The Slow but Steady

        I usually associate quality traffic with moderate site visits. Aside from this, I also mention such a term side by side with conversion. Without a doubt, websites that are frequented by a few interested visitors manage to survive despite having lackluster traffic. It is for this reason that if I were made to choose between impressive numbers and enthusiastic consumers, I’d go for the latter. After all, no matter how many times the visitor counter ticks, the day’s profit matters most.

Even Better Question

While highlighting the differences between massive and quality traffic, a question came into my mind: is it really a must to pinpoint the superior kind? Indeed, it seems that there is no need to choose between the two, as it would be possible to generate considerable amounts of traffic while keeping conversion rates high. To achieve such an advantageous outcome, it would be necessary for aspiring internet marketers to add these pointers to their own guidelines:

  • Provide Useful Content – I know that netizens tend to search for websites that serve as a reliable informational resource. Due to this, I publish articles that give readers a chance to become much more knowledgeable without exerting much effort.
  • Post Numerous Pictures – while I’m always wary of going overboard in this endeavor, adding all sorts of appealing images to a website’s pages is a top-notch way of making sure that visitors don’t just stay for a while but also return to see more.
  • Publish Interviews – if a company’s online hub needs to pique people’s attention, then placing content that features interviews with the industry’s most recognized personalities is a must. I must admit though, that carrying out this task requires luck and connections.
  • Place Rewards and Challenges – I believe that people have an innate tendency to fall for challenges. Likewise, netizens never fail to seek opportunities to earn rewards. In this sense, I make it a point to enhance websites with games that give out meaningful prizes.

Overall, I’d like to ask those who argue about traffic to avoid getting into quarrels and instead try to think of additional must-dos for achieving the best of both worlds in marketing.

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