Merging Internet Marketing with Mobile Marketing

Internet and mobile marketing are easily dealt with as two different strategies for digital businesses. More often than not, entrepreneurs usually shrug off the idea of mobile marketing while concentrating on plugging their wares online. This could be a big mistake though. With more and more Filipinos attached to their mobile phones than their laptops, it’s fairly easy to see why snubbing mobile marketing can be a problem – especially if you’re a local business.


Why Mobile Marketing?

Global statistics show that all text messages are read within 15 minutes of them being received – imagine what could be done with that information! Practically all Filipinos today carry their mobile phones wherever they go.

You know what else makes mobile marketing such an excellent opportunity no business owner should miss? It’s the Wi-Fi! You can’t walk a few steps in Manila without being able to connect to free internet. The capital of the Philippines – and practically every other urbanized city in the country – is home to hundreds of possible internet connections, making it easy for Pinoy’s to go online using their mobile phones.

Requirements for Internet and Mobile Marketing

Have you ever tried browsing an internet domain through your smart phone? It takes longer to load and usually necessitates LOTS of scrolling to get your from one end of the page to another. See, most domains are created to be seen from the screen of a laptop and mobile phones are definitely smaller than that. This is exactly where mobile marketing comes in.

Why do you think Facebook even bothered to create a Facebook app for their account holders? For mobile marketing to work, you’ll need to create a separate domain that is mobile phone screen friendly. This means that the layout should be simpler and images smaller if not completely eliminated.

Merging the Two

So if access to the internet is so easy – what difference does it make between using a laptop versus a mobile phone? There’s actually a big difference.

See, even if you carry your laptop/iPad everywhere, the mobile phone is always more accessible. It’s handy – you fish it out of your pocket and the handheld device is ready to work. The same however isn’t true for laptops or even iPads.

So how exactly do you merge the two? The first step would be proclaiming the availability of a mobile-friendly website through your regular domain. If you’re a local business, you can also try going the SMS route. This means supplying your mobile phone to possible consumers to make yourself more “accessible”.

There are a dozen ways actually and by integrating mobile and internet marketing, you’ll find yourself reaching a wider market.

Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines

If you want more information about internet and mobile marketing in the country, I strongly recommend checking out IMMAP. It’s in infancy yet but the organization is the baby of some of the most respected individuals today in internet and mobile marketing. Aside from being a regulating, IMMAP also aims to perform studies and release information about the situation of internet and mobile marketing in the Philippines. Hopefully, this will contribute a lot to how marketers approach product sales both through internet and through mobile marketing.

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