Power of Pinterest: a New Opportunity for Filipino Entrepreneurs

To be honest, I’ve been thinking about Pinterest’s advertising potential for quite some time. After all, the image-sharing website is quickly becoming one of the most frequently-visited places on the web.

Identify several marketing strategies that will surely maximize Pinterest’s advertising potential.

Identify several marketing strategies that will surely maximize Pinterest’s advertising potential.

While I do admit that I have much to learn about Pinterest as the website is still not that well known in the Philippines, I already managed to identify several marketing strategies that will surely work on such a cutting-edge social media hub. Business owners who wish to learn about these top-notch techniques should definitely spend time to read the following.

  • The Instructional Way – as I’ve found out by browsing Pinterest, a lot of people usually click and repin well-designed guides. With this in mind, it becomes clear that creating instructional materials is among the most effective means of grabbing the attention of netizens that prefer to enjoy the various sights on such an online pinboard. For example, if I were the owner of a web-based pastry shop, posting colorful guides on how to bake the perfect muffins and cookies should be among my priorities.
  • The Aggressive Approach – I’ve also discovered that Pinterest is home to countless businesses that make use of discounts to achieve a competitive advantage. In particular, such companies provide special coupons to netizens who’d opt to repin certain photos. In a similar sense, there are firms that consider repins as raffle entries. While I do believe that such aggressive and straightforward approaches work, I can’t help but feel uncertain as to whether such promotional methods wouldn’t be banned in the near future.
  • The Product Pose Technique – while browsing Pinterest, I stumbled upon an intriguing photo contest in which participants are asked to pose with certain products. Even though this advertising technique might seem rather simple, it would be best to keep in mind that Pinterest is basically a showcase of photos catered towards people seeking leisure online. In this sense, it is only to be expected that having photos of “happy customers” on Pinterest would make the website synonymous with free subliminal marketing.
  • The YouTube Clip Method – as I’ve mentioned several times so far, Pinterest is essentially an image sharing hub. I should probably point out though, that it would be possible to directly embed YouTube videos on the website. It is for this very reason that if ever I’d attempt to carry out Pinterest-based advertising campaigns, I’d never hesitate to make use of clips that I’ve previously made in order to garner pins while also boosting the views and likes of my videos on YouTube: two birds with one stone indeed.

As I’ve made clear, there are numerous ways through which Filipino entrepreneurs could take advantage of the latest online phenomenon. It should be emphasized however, that even I still have a myriad of questions regarding Pinterest. For one, would it ever make use of geographic targeting? Another important question lies on whether marketers would still be allowed on Pinterest in the future. Well, regardless of such uncertainties, a true entrepreneur should strike while the iron is hot and thus begin pinning photos and videos as soon as possible.

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