PPC Analysis: Google Adwords vs. Yahoo Search Marketing

The one good thing about online advertising is that, unlike other types of advertising, you can do it with a limited budget.

But what if you only have a small budget for advertising, say $100 a month? How would you spend it? Which online advertising programs should you use? Here are some suggestions for the best advertising programs for those with a small budget.

Google AdWords

This is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, online advertising programs due to its wide reach. Google is the most popular Internet search engine in the market, accounting for 85% of global searches. In addition, it also dominates the online ad market, with some 44% Internet ad market share as of December 2011. And it is the ideal choice for those with small budgets, since there is no minimum spending commitment required.

With Google AdWords, you have three options for advertising campaigns. This includes the following:

  • typical desktop search campaign, in which your ad appears on search engine results pages when someone makes a search related to your keywords.
  • a mobile campaign in which your ads appear when someone makes a search using mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.
  • and a remarketing campaign that allows you to reach visitors who have visited your site but did not convert by displaying relevant ads when they visit other sites within the Google Display Network.

You can even use the Shared Budgets option to automatically allocate your daily spending among the three options.


Yahoo Search Marketing

While Yahoo may have only a fraction of the market compared with Google, many advertisers actually prefer them since the search engine is less competitive, making it easier to see their sites get high rankings in Yahoo’s search engine results pages. Yahoo search marketing allows you to choose from three search types:

  • Standard Match displays your ad when a user searches for a keyword that is the same as the one you have bid on, with allowances for misspellings and plural/singular forms
  • Content Match provides you with an additional source of targeted traffic by displaying your ads alongside links to other useful content such as articles, reviews and news related to your keyword
  • and Advanced Match that allows you to display your ad with a broader range of keyword variations and even allows you to further target the appearances of your ads by excluding certain words in searches that are not relevant to your business.

Another benefit you can enjoy from Yahoo Search Marketing is that you only pay when your ad is actually clicked by the user. All you have to do is set up an account with Yahoo and then set your daily spending limit as well as how much you are willing to pay per click (or you can ask Yahoo to recommend a bid amount for you).

You will also get an instant estimate of how many impressions your ad will get based on the average searches performed for your keywords as well as the estimated number of clicks your ads will receive. However, setting up an account with Yahoo requires a $30 non-refundable initial deposit, but this will be put towards your click charges.


It’s really up to your strategical thoughts and out-of-the-box preferences. You need to test what system works for you best – For me, try mix n’ matching so you’ll be able to get the desired results! =)


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