Six Email Marketing Tips for Capturing Local Clients

E-mail marketing has become an increasingly effective way to reach local clients – and, hopefully, convert them into customers.

At the same time, this marketing technique has its own set of challenges. One is how to get e-mail addresses from leads so that you can send them e-mails without being considered spam. Another is how to capture their attention so they won’t delete your e-mails outright or unsubscribe from your e-mail list. Here are some tips on how to get local clients using e-mail marketing.


The email marketing cycle.

  1. Understand what your clients want, and how your product can meet their needs. If your leads gave you their e-mail addresses then they must have at least a passing interest in what you have to sell. The challenge is to put yourself in the mindset of your clients and figure out how to fan that interest into a desire to buy. Strategize from their perspective.
  2. Have a strong subject line. The subject line is the first thing your leads will see when your e-mail appears in their inbox and it will be the factor that helps them decide whether to click on the e-mail to read the message or whether they will delete it unread. Capture their attention with an emphatic subject line. Here is one example: 3 Selling Secrets That Are Sure to Generate Sales.
  3. Tease your leads. The purpose of your e-mail is to pique the attention of your leads enough so that they’ll click on the link to your landing site. So offer them just enough useful content to convince them that you know what you’re talking about while teasing them that they’ll learn more if they visit your site. In this case, blurb-like emails will do the trick.
  4. Make sure your message is succinct and easy to scan. Even if they click on the e-mail, most people will not read it but rather scan it quickly to see if it’s worth reading in more detail. So make sure your major points are highlighted by using short paragraphs and bolding particularly important passages that you want to draw attention to. Remember that if your message is strong or enticing enough, even a short e-mail will be enough to get the point across.
  5. Include a hyperlink back to your site. Once your lead has clicked on your e-mail and started to read it, a big part of the battle for their attention has been won. If you’ve done your job properly and written a message that convinces them you have something they want, you have to give them a chance to act on the desire to learn more at once. So don’t neglect the hyperlink.
  6. Create an informative and interesting landing site. Once they click on the hyperlink and land on your site, you have to hook them at once; otherwise they’ll navigate away from it. Start with an attention-grabbing headline. Then explain clearly how your product or service can help them meet their need. Be creative and avoid the usual landing sites that offer lots of hype and generic-sounding testimonials.
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