Starting a Profitable Blog in the Philippines

Instead of spending time browsing through the net for trivial things, why not consider making money from it?  You might want to consider blogging as a business.  A lot of people have made good money out of it.  You too can try it.  Read on and find out how.

Instead of spending time browsing through the net for trivial things, why not consider making money from it?

Instead of spending time browsing through the net for trivial things, why not consider making money from it?

Niche.  This is the focus of your blog and this should be something you are passionate about. Is your blog going to be all about cooking, music, books, travel, style, or maybe celebrities? It’s all up to you.

Domain name. This is what you will call your blog. Think about something that represents your niche. Preferably, your domain name should state or imply what your blog’s niche is.

Hosting.  Web hosting makes your blog accessible through the web much more conveniently than the usual organic search.  People will type your niche, and voila! They might see your blog site on the search results list.

Creating.  When your blog is finally created, do not forget to write an interesting About Me page. It tells people who you are, what you love doing, and what you want people to know through your blog.  The process is subliminal: you’ll get a few people interested with your credibility.

Theme. The theme is the overall visual quality of your blog. It also dictates how the different parts of your blog will be displayed in every page.  So this can be anything you fancy, but keep in mind that it has to be appealing to your target audience.

Plug-ins.  A plug-in adds functionality to your blog and makes your readers’ experiences more personalized. There are throngs of plug-ins out there so you need to make sure that those you select are the best ones.  Go with those that actually serve a purpose in your blog.

Google Tools.  These tools can help your blog to get found by someone looking for the information you are offering.  In a lot of cases, users looking for information cannot get to your blog because your page is deep down into the back pages of the search results.  You can improve your search results position and increase the chances of getting found by your audience with tools like Google Analytics.

Comments and subscriptions. Some people will end up following your blog. Some people will drop you a note. They might spread the word which helps get more traffic or visitors to your blog.

Marketing. Your blog entries may end up getting published on other websites. It’s a replicating process which is good as long as they give credit to your work. As people tend to go back to the source of the materials they are interested in, they’ll end up landing on your blog.

Google AdSense. Get that running on your blog and with the traffic it receives, you’ll start earning.

Reviews. People use their blogs for reviews and companies pay them for it. Take that option. It’s harmless.

Affiliate sales.  You can also use your blog to promote a certain product and with each referral you create, you’ll get paid for it.

Freelance offers. Besides writing, what else are you good at? Posting your portfolio on your blog can generate clients for you too.

Private advertising. Well, it’s a bit out there-ish but some investors actually pay to get an ad space on blogs. Improve your rankings and you will find these advertisers offering you money to get featured on your site.

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