Previous Internet Marketing Events in the Philippines

Although many Pinoys have quickly latched on to the internet as soon as connections were made available in the country, internet marketing is still not as widely practiced in the Philippines as in other countries. Local companies have not yet fully maximized the opportunities presented by the fact that the Philippines have landed in the top listings of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Local mobile and internet marketing companies and experts recognize the need to establish the practice of internet marketing with techniques and practices that comply with acceptable standards and ethical considerations. These companies and experts have banded together and are working together in order to help Pinoy marketers through the birth pains of internet marketing.

Over the past couple of years, organizations like the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), and the Advertising Board of the Philippines (AdBoard) have been hosting conventions and conferences to share internet marketing techniques and best practices. Through these events, local internet marketing practitioners can learn about various online marketing concepts and how they are being utilized in various locations around the globe.

Locally, we already have our own breed of internet marketing experts who have built their enterprises using the best online marketing techniques localized to fit the Filipino market. Whether you have been doing internet marketing on your own for some time now or still dabbling with your options, you can learn a lot from the many learning events organized by Filipino internet marketing pioneers.

Some of the biggest internet marketing events are IMMAP’s annual Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit and the Philippine Internet Marketing Congress and Expo. These events are held in Metro Manila, but there are various other internet-marketing seminars and workshops held all over the country. Past publicity on these internet-marketing events showed powerhouse speakers on the programmes of these two events. Aside from internet marketing experts and consultants, some of the speakers are representatives from companies that have utilized online marketing techniques in growing their respective brands.

You can read about how these previous internet-marketing events in the Philippines have given valuable inputs on actual Philippine experience. The learning that the participants brought home from these events has proven to be useful for the attendees who wanted to tap into the highly populated local internet environment. Online reviews and articles about these events are posted all over the internet. You will find that many of the feedbacks gathered from seminar and expo participants were mostly positive and optimistic.

The trend is clear that internet marketing is the wave of the future. Every marketer in the Philippines should strive to learn how to do internet marketing whether in a personal enterprise, a small business, or a bigger company. As you check the calendar for upcoming internet marketing events, make sure that you read up at least on the basic concepts of internet marketing to keep you from getting lost in the “technical” jargon often used in these conferences. Learn about SEO, PPC, CPM, and other permutations of the alphabet that have to do with internet marketing. With these events, you can learn about how to do internet marketing the smart way.

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