The 10 Commandments of Social Media Marketing for Filipinos

You need all the customers you can get. After all, you’re a business. Guess again.

Keep these commandments in mind when you market your products.

Keep these commandments in mind when you market your products.

You might be devoting unnecessary time, spending unnecessary money, and utilizing unneeded resources. Keep these commandments in mind when you market your products.

Post Frequency. You run a higher risk of irritating potential customers if you post updates on your page on a daily basis. You’d also turn people away if you release update several times a day. Sending updates at least three times a week is good enough to sustain your brand’s presence.

Posting Time. Post updates at a time when people actually visit their social media accounts. Ideally, posting updates before lunch and after work gets you more audience, which translates to a higher conversion rate.

Posting Day. People are busy on weekdays. Most do not have time to linger around their social media accounts to check on recent offers from your brand. So capitalize on weekends – where people can focus on fulfilling their wishes. Oh, and because you’re marketing for Filipinos, send them offers before and after payday!

Posting Length. Just like other audiences, people rarely have patience to read a full block of text. Limiting your post to at least three lines should do the work. This means that you should be making the best offers through economy of words.

Post Images. Filipinos prefer to have everything laid out before them. Make sure that you upload an image of the product you are offering. If that should take potential customers to your gallery of products, make sure that you have images of all of your products.

Complete your Gallery. Related to the above, setting up a gallery that categorizes your products helps you win customers. For the Filipino market, it is always helpful to have categories that group your products according to specific price ranges and brand.

Encourage Surveys. It is always nice to determine future trends by having data to support it. Rolling out poll or surveys allows you to determine What’s Hot and What’s Not. Additionally, you also have a chance to let your visitors express how they feel about anything (related to your brand, page, or website). This allows you room for change.

Avoid Links. You probably have thought that including links in your updates makes it more convenient for your customers to get to where they want to be. The truth is, customers do not even bother to click links if they find your headline text boring.

Language Musts. When you write your headline text, observe simplicity, brevity, and emotionality. Filipinos are moved by the concepts of a happy family, romance, and charity. Capitalize on these themes.

Brand Norms. Noticeably, retail or big businesses spend more money in marketing more than consumer brands. And while this is a norm, the potential of consumer brands to become popular and even viral is as high. This means that if you are a retail brand, you need to double your marketing efforts and inversely, if you are a consumer brand, you can slow down for a bit.

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