The anatomy of an awesome “About Us” page

The About Page is something that is usually taken for granted or ignored altogether, by webmasters and entrepreneurs alike.

And yet, if written properly, the About Page can be a valuable opportunity to establish your credibility and make potential clients more likely to deal with you. It should be noted that some studies have shown that the About Us page is among the first three pages visited by Filipino netizens, which should give you some indication of how important it is.


The basics

about us

seomoz’s very detailed about us page.

The basic elements that should be included in your About Us page are:

  1. Your name.
  2. The name of your business.
  3. What your business does.
  4. What you have to offer your customers.
  5. Contact information. Your e-mails and contact numbers. You can also provide a method for the visitor to send you a message directly.
  6. Optional: a timeline of your business history.


Divide and Conquer

It should be noted that your About Us page does not have to be confined only to one web page; you can have multiple web pages. These can consist of:

  1. Home Page. A summary of what your business is all about. Key contact information should also be included in this page.
  2. History. Some of the highlights of your business history.
  3. Bios. Short biographies of the key staff. You can also ask your staff to write their own bios to give them a personal touch, with links to their professional blogs or websites, if they have any.
  4. Business. A more detailed overview of the various aspects of your business.

Use clear headlines so that people would know what each page is about.


10 Tweaks & Tips =)

Here are some tips on how to produce an awesome About Us page.

  1. Think about who your customers are. When you are writing your About Us page, keep in mind that you are essentially introducing yourself to your customers. So think not only about what they would like to know about you but what they should know. Dive in the mind of your target customer… What professional qualifications do you have that would convince them that you are worth dealing with? And what about your business? What accomplishments can your business brag about? But be specific about what you have accomplished and don’t use hype.
  2. Decide on the appropriate tone of your About Us page. Depending on your industry and type of customer you want to reach, you can make the page informal or very professional-sounding. You also have to choose between 1st-3rd person point of view styles.
  3. Don’t forget the basics. Essentially the About Us page is about whom you are and what you do. Many people who write About Us pages forget this and end up using the page to hype themselves. Keep in mind that your customers want to know about you. Start with a concise statement that summarizes who you are or what your business does. For example, “XYZ Company specializes in producing the highest quality websites so that you can establish a strong online presence”. Remember that your customers may not read beyond this first sentence before they make the decision whether or not to deal with you, so make it count.
  4. If you don’t have much to say yet, admit it. Not every business already has a long list of accomplishments they can list. If you’re starting out, just say so. But at the same time, you should also not denigrate yourself due to your lack of experience. You can stress the fact that start-ups do have a lot to offer customers, such as being able to offer individualized attention and can handle relatively smaller orders because you still have something to prove. Avoid fluff since it makes you seem desperate. Again, don’t be afraid to be concise. It’s not about the length of your About Us page, but what you have to say.
  5. Include related experience that you earned before you started your business. For example, before you founded XYZ Company you might have had 10 years of experience in various companies designing and programming websites. This would also help you to build credibility with your customers since they would know that you are not a newcomer in your field even if you have not been in business for that long.
  6. Stress how your company can help potential customers. For example, you can include statements such as “Let XYZ Company Help You Establish a Strong Online Presence So That You Can Increase Your Sales and Raise Your Profile on the Internet”. This can be the decisive factor that will lead your leads to become customers.
  7. Use photos. Include photographs of yourself and your staff members since these are a humanizing touch that helps build trust. In addition, the problem with online businesses is


    that there is the lack of a physical presence that may make it difficult for people to believe that they are dealing with a real business, and photos can solve this problem by showing people that you have an actual office. DO NOT use stock photos since it makes you feel like a fraud. If you can’t use real photos, don’t bother to include them.

  8. If appropriate, you can incorporate videos. For example, you can record a welcome message or you can post a short video overview of how your product is made. Depending on the tone of the page you’re going for, you might also want to include videos of corporate events. And if you’re asked to give a talk, you might also want to post a video of it.
  9. Stress your locality. If your intention is to serve a particular area, you should stress where you are based. For example, we are a Quezon City-based business that serves the city and surrounding municipalities.
  10. Incorporate links to your social media pages. Even if a visitor does not decide to go into business with you at once, they might still choose to link with you on Facebook or Twitter just to see what you and your business are about. While this move may not generate business at once, it can pay off dividends in the long run.
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