The Blink test for the Pinoy Netizens

This is perhaps the first time you may have heard about a blink test and you are probably wondering what it refers to.

Blink test actually refers to those first 3 to 5 seconds after a visitor lands on your website.

Blink test actually refers to those first 3 to 5 seconds after a visitor lands on your website.

A blink test for Pinoy Netizens, what is it? This definitely complicates the subject even more. It is a good thing that I have been into digital marketing long enough to be able to fully comprehend its meaning and appreciate its ramifications.

To begin with, let me start by explaining why our eyes blink. Experts believe our eyes blink every time our brain absorbs new data resulting in split-second gaps during which our minds process the new information.  It relates to the snap judgment or the instantaneous pattern recognition that one makes as a result. Any test done to determine the kind of snap judgment or what patterns are rapidly recognized by an individual when new data is presented to him is called a blink test.

The Blink Test in Internet Marketing

In the clammy and crummy world of digital marketing where I have spent most of my waking hours for the last 3 years, the blink test actually refers to those first 3 to 5 seconds after a visitor lands on your website. This is when he makes that crucial snap judgment to either stay or do something on the site or leave immediately to surf another page. It is in essence a test of the drawing power of a site and a gauge on how well and how long it can make the website visitor stay. Google analytics actually measures the number of times a visitor simply flies out fast away from your site just seconds after landing on it and call it bounce rate.

The blink test is a critical factor that every web master or site developer takes into account in the creation of a website – for obvious reasons. You can’t sell anything much less get your message across if visitors, after taking a quick glance, decides your site is of no relevance and leave. That is why, web developers meticulously craft the design to ensure among other thing that:

  • The pages load quickly;
  • Contains visuals that attracts immediate attention;
  • Has informative headline which immediately imparts your message;
  • Is easy to navigate;
  • Has relevant images that supports your article;
  • Contains content that is easy to digest;
  • Enhances your authority and credibility.

By making sure all these elements are taken into consideration when developing a web page, the developers are able to raise their chances of the page passing the critical blink test keep visitors on the site long enough for you to convey your sales pitch.

The Blink Test for Pinoy Netizens

The blink test the way I understood and appreciated it as an internet marketing consultant has donned a political color and taken a different meaning. Faced with the prospects of having their freedom to freely express their views in the internet curtailed by a new law called the Cybercrime Prevention Act (RA 10175), the Pinoy Netizens (the local tag given to the Filipino internet community) rose in protest. It gives the government unlimited authority to access and even block computer data. Now a law, those who have protested against it have brought the matter to the Supreme Court questioning its legality.

The issue now serves as a blink test for Pinoy Netizens. It is now a test of their resolve and staying power to fight for freedom of expression in the internet that are now threatened by punitive punishment as provided for in this law. As of this writing, the issue is still in the hands of the highest magistrates of the country. And whether or not the Filipino internet community will be able to pass their blink test is something every freedom loving netizen around the globe will be watching closely.


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