The Power of a “Like Contest”

A “Like Contest” means a competition wherein the winner is decided by the person, group, topic, etc. that garners the most likes. For those who have no idea what a “Like” is, it’s that small thumbs up icon on most social media posts that you press to signify you “like” it. But what exactly is in this type of contest that draws hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of “mice” (the computer accessory) clicking that thumbs up sign?

The Prize

In some cases, a “Like” contest comes with a tangible prize. This can be anything from a small token to a very expensive smart phone. In my honest opinion, this is the most apparent factor, but not the only factor to consider. Nor is it always the most important factor to consider. In some cases there is no tangible object given. Rather it is the egotistic satisfaction or the bragging rights that you beat everyone else, but the result is there are more contestants and participants (more “Likes”).

The Winner

I am an ad campaigner and I firmly believe that the real winner is not the person who got the most likes but the person who orchestrated the contest in the first place. And I have the sales figures to prove it. Let us take for example, a Facebook ad. It included a contest on who can make the best rhyme to describe the product that is the subject of the Facebook ad. The winner will be decided by the person whose post gets the most “Likes”. The prize is a late model smart phone that cost less than $300.  That ad generated so much buzz and was directly responsible for a sudden spike in sales that on the first day alone the prize and the campaign fund was paid for. This was for a 1-week ad.

The Landing Page

Amateurs use a dummy account to initiate a like contest, worst some would even use their own personal accounts. I say create a Facebook landing page. This is because a “Like” contest is meant to increase visibility and relevance. And the best way to go about this is with a landing page.  Milk it for all its worth, get the e-mail address of those who want to join the contest as well as find ways to get more information on those who land on your page. This way you are not only doing your job, you also open up the possibility of a demographics study (and then some).

Keep it Short

First time Facebook Campaigners insist on a thirty-day entry period with the latest iphone or ipad as a prize. Well, I say netizens have short attention spans so at most I would go for a week with a less expensive prize. However, if the campaign fund is deep enough I suggest several weekly “Like” contests, and the same will allow me to even limit the prize amount some more. The equation is simple, more contests plus less time plus cheaper prizes equals a steadier stream of site visitors resulting in a longer spike in sales figures.

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