The What Why and How of a Call to Action

A call to action is a marketing term used to describe that part of a speech, article, button, link, etc. asking you to take things to the next level.

basic concepts as well as several techniques relevant to an effective call to action strategy.

basic concepts as well as several techniques relevant to an effective call to action strategy.

This does not necessarily mean, sign up for a service, rather it can indicate a link that has more related literature, helpful resource or reading material. In this article, I will discuss basic concepts as well as several techniques relevant to an effective call to action strategy.


What Makes Call to Action Effective?

The answer depends on the type of audience you are targeting. This is then further segregated into the different personalities. In my opinion the best call to action, usually consist of several buttons that target different personality types. At the very least, each call to action must:

  • Increase the relevance of your target website
  • Be a means of determining your demographics
  • Be a means of funneling website traffic

Four (4) Types of Personalities in Marketing

First is the “Doer”. This type of person acts on impulse and can easily be swayed by catchy phrases that suggest results. For example, if you are marketing a pair of shoes then your call to action is “This is what leaders are made of”.

Second is the “Thinker”. This is the complete opposite of the doer. Suggestive call to actions will not work, albeit it will even make him/her suspicious. If you want to lure one in you need to get into the details. Using the same example, your call to action is a remark about how you can get the details regarding the same product.

Third is the “Feeler”. This type of personality empathizes with others and is compassionate. The best call to action for this type of personality is an appeal to one’s good nature or conscience. Using the same example, you would do well to mention the fact that a portion of the revenues goes to the support of a humanitarian cause.

Fourth is the “Realist”. In my opinion, this personality type can be the easiest or hardest to market to depending on what you are offering. If you are offering a necessary item then no problem, the pragmatic side of the realist will eventually think up a logical excuse to buy the same. I f you are offering luxury goods then you have your work cut out for you. Your best call to action would be to go beyond the luxury into the fundamental necessity of the product.

In Closing: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

A caveat though, no matter how well thought out your call to action is, there is still an unknown factor or luck factor when it comes to marketing. As such, it is best to have different call to actions pertaining to the same product or service and the same personality type. This way, you increase the chance of success. At the very least you can modify your strategy based on what call to action go the most positive results.

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