Tips for Creating a Compelling Call to Action

Filipinos are spending more of their time online, providing Internet marketers with a valuable opportunity to reach them through e-mail marketing.

One of the most difficult parts of this type of marketing is getting people to respond to your call to action.

One of the most difficult parts of this type of marketing is getting people to respond to your call to action.

However, one of the most difficult parts of this type of marketing is getting people to respond to your call to action. Unless your readers perform the action that you want them to, your e-mail has failed to meet its goal. Some of these goals include getting the recipient to submit his e-mail address for your list, finalizing a purchase and clicking on a link to go to the landing page. Here are some tips on how you can write a compelling call to action that will get the results you want.

  1. Make your call to action concise and lead with strong command verbs. Start with words like “buy”, “subscribe”, “sign up” and then add urgency to the call by ending with words like “now” or “today”. You can make the call more urgent by including a deadline. For example, stress that this special offer will expire “by the end of the month”.
  2. Ensure that the recipient understands the benefits they will get from following the call to action. For example, if they sign up, stress that they will get coupon codes or helpful tips that they can use in their daily lives. You should also stress the advantages you have over your competition, for example, bigger discounts or free shipping.
  3. Make the call to action one of the first things your reader will see when they open your e-mail. This will make it more effective since it makes it easier for them to perform the action, particularly if you highlight the benefit. For example, you can lead with “$20 Coupon Code” or “Invitation to a Complimentary Webinar”.
  4. Make the call to action stand out. For example, you can use contrasting colors on the call to action; include striking images or an attention-getting headline. And keep your design simple to keep the focus on your call to action rather than calling attention to the design. And keep in mind that the person surfing the site could be doing so on a mobile phone so make it bigger.
  5. Use symbols and font variations to make the call to action distinguishable from the elements around it.
  6. Provide your reader will multiple opportunities to perform the action. If you want them to click on the link, do not just include one at the top, but also one on the bottom, after the recipient had read your pitch, as well as hyperlinks in the text.
  7. Be sure that when the click on the link, the readers land directly on the offer page. Do not make the link connect to your home page and then have them visit another page to avail of an offer.
  8. Be creative. Add imaginative copy, a striking image, or a combination of both to attract the reader and make it more likely they will perform the action you want.
  9. Avoid putting in multiple calls to action. This might confuse the reader and make him not respond entirely. Focus on one call and create separate emails for your other calls.
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