Tips on Creating an Effective Online Poll for List Building

If done correctly, online polls can be a very effective way of building your email list. After all, people love giving their opinions on any topic under the sun, and an online poll allows them to do so in a convenient way.

Online polls can be a very effective way of building your email list because , people love giving their opinions on any topic under the sun.

Online polls can be a very effective way of building your email list because , people love giving their opinions on any topic under the sun.

They can also help generate targeted traffic to your website or to a landing page. Here are some tips on how to make your online poll more effective so that it can greatly enhance your list building efforts.

  1. Decide what you want to achieve with the poll before designing it. For example, do you plan to use the survey to test user satisfaction with your site? Or are you interested in getting their opinion about a certain issue? How do you plan to use the data you have collected? The answers to these questions will determine how the survey questions are phrased as well as which questions will be asked.
  2. Don’t make the survey too long to accomplish. You can do this by keeping the objectives of your survey focused so it won’t suffer from content sprawl as you end up adding more questions to address new issues. The survey should take no more than fifteen to twenty minutes to accomplish at most.
  3. Make sure that the questions are phrased in such a way that they can be answered by the specific choices given. For example, if the question is intended to be answered with a yes or no, make sure that the question is not open-ended and is phrased in a direct and specific way. This will also make it easier to process the survey and analyze the results.
  4. The survey should be organized in a logical fashion. This means that similar questions are grouped together and that the poll moves smoothly and naturally from topic to topic. You can also start by asking broader questions first and then gradually making them more focused as the poll goes on.
  5. If you use ranking scales as answers, make sure they stay consistent throughout the survey. For example, if you want the answer to be ranked from one to five, you should use this consistently rather than changing from question to question.
  6. Provide the readers a way to provide additional comments so that they can elaborate on their answers if they so choose.
  7. Give people a reason to participate. Don’t count on people’s desire to help or their interest in the survey topic to get them to join the poll. The incentive can be as simple as a short report that you think participants will be interested in or a coupon code for a discount or freebie. This can also serve as a way of thanking them for their participation.
  8. Pre-test the survey to determine the effectiveness of the questions. You can recruit friends or family and try out the survey questions on them.
  9. Make sure that you inform the participants about the results. For example, you can send the results individually through email, publish them in a newsletter or other publication, or even post them on your website or blog.
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