Top 10 Business Blogging tips for Filipino Entrepreneurs

Contrary to the popular etiquettes posted for individual bloggers, this article focuses on the proprietary behaviors for business blogs by online entrepreneurs.

Since business blogging is one of the emerging trends after business forums, you can design your own following these etiquettes in mind.


Small business blogging map courtesy of smallfuel marketing. 🙂


  • Pop ups. Imagine a prospective customer turning away at the sight of a pop up window. It gets worse when it greets them upon landing on your page. Pop ups are unacceptable and it is best to avoid placing it in the first place.
  • Sign-ups. You got a newsletter to complement your business blog? Offer it instead of automatically signing visitors up. What happens when visitors open their email to see an unwanted newsletter? It’s going to get ditched even before it is opened.
  • Educate. Relevant content is defined as information that is beneficial to your customers. If you are selling soap provide the details of your product and an article about tips when it comes to buying soap.
  • Comment. If a visitor lands on your blog and has something to say about it, the comment box is helpful. Chances are someone who is satisfied will leave a nice comment about your business. What do you do with it? Share it.
  • Acknowledge. Someone has had a bad experience with one of your products and has dropped you a nasty note. Do not fail to respond. Think about it: a customer is mad because something happened. He or she has not totally left your business yet.
  • Engage. Encouraging them to write their comments about your business as a whole, a product or a service you offer is the way of a good entrepreneur. When they leave you messages, respond to them.
  • Back link. Give credit where it is due. Using a material from another source helps but it does not when you do not recognize who you go it from. The way of online marketing is sharing. If you are selfish, you’re on your own – literally.
  • Focus. Blog according to your line of business and do not include irrelevant content. It confuses unknowing customers about what your actually offer. Creating another blog and linking it to your business blog is a better option.
  • Visit. Be a visitor of other blogs too. Discover what other businesses are currently writing about and see how you can get creative to be with the flow. Getting left behind won’t help much in your success as an entrepreneur and a blogger.
  • Honesty. Being transparent with your business goal is one way of keeping your customers interested. However, this should come with awareness of what should stay proprietary and which business strategies can go public.

All of the netiquettes above refer to these goals: increase in conversion rate (the potential of visitors turning into customers), increase in traffic (you get ads in your business blog working to your advantage), and online presence (the more traffic there is, the more chance you get in occupying the first few pages of search results like Google).

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