Top 10 Illegal Ways to Disrepute Your Competitor Online

Before you even consider doing any of these, know that these are illegal and are punishable under applicable laws like Fair Trade, Copyright, and other applicable Laws.

These are illegal and are punishable under applicable laws like Fair Trade, Copyright, and other applicable Laws.

These are illegal and are punishable under applicable laws like Fair Trade, Copyright, and other applicable Laws.

Use outgoing links that lead to inappropriate content. You can do this by specifically targeting your competitors’ blog sites. In it, utilize the comments section and make an entry that includes the link. You will get lucky if your comment gets approved. Google might see it and pull your competitor’s blog SERP down.

Do guest posting. Make a guest comment in your competitor’s website and write a reputation-damaging review. This may be directed towards their products, services, policies, or personnel. In view of publishing content fairly, your competitor might allow your content to be published.

Utilize forums and other virtual communities to discredit your competitors. Establish a consumer account, create a fictitious situation, and feel free to cause mayhem in forums where your competitor’s business is being discussed. If you cannot find one, you can absolutely create a new thread!

Go social media. People from your competitor’s social media channel may not be monitoring their site every minute. This is your chance to use a fake account and post something damaging to their brand. The number of people who might see it corresponds to the length of time your comment spends in the page before it gets deleted, hidden, or “managed.”

Create a meme reflecting your dislike of your competitor. Or maybe you can use picture-sharing sites to circulate a reputation-damaging image accompanied by a heavily negative text. Make sure you get creative enough for the picture to be shared hence, increasing the chances of it becoming viral.

Write certain types of review. Review types you can focus on are comparative and ranking reviews. Comparative reviews contrast different merchants on the same marketing niche. Of course, this includes your business receiving the most counts of pros and the least number of cons. Ranking reviews simply rank websites or companies based on certain attributes. Don’t forget to rank yours first.

False advertising. The goal of false advertising is to promote your own business while misleading your audience that your competitor’s products should be patronized. Once you go cunning through this, prepared to hold your ground.

Trade defamation. A more technical term for slander or libel, you can easily issue statements that damage your competitor’s reputation in public. The key difference this method has with false advertising is that trade defamation is purely communicative in nature, thus the use of statements and press release.

Misappropriation of your competitor’s image. To illustrate, you can take an unlikely endorser who is in the public’s attention for a very much condemning behavior and establish that he is endorsing your competitor’s products. This insinuation is enough for some customers to divert their loyalties to other similar businesses such as yours.

Reveal your competitor’s trade secret. The most challenging form of corporate espionage is infiltrating your competitor’s closed-door meetings and getting a hand on its trade secret. You’ll love what you’ll find out and consumers will hate it. That’s it. You win.


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