Top 10 Magic Phrases to Use in Your Headlines

Just like news, your headlines should be powerful enough to arouse interest and drive visitors to your website.  Take a look at these tips and see if you can use them on your next update.

Headlines should be powerful and attract readers

Headlines should be powerful and attract readers

  • Talk to your target customers.  These are the people who happen to be at your website. Any one of them can turn into a customer.  Starting with your ad, make them feel that you are talking to them directly. Examples:
  • “Connect to Home, Pinoy OFWs” for a remittance website or an OFW forum website targeting, well, OFWs and their families
  • “Say Your I Dos in Style” for a wedding supplies website targeting couples who are planning their weddings
  • Stop your competitors from stealing your customers!
  • Keep your customers through us!
  • “I earned P10,000 in one day!”
  • “As soon as I joined (insert business name), I’ve made a lot of income!”
  • Win an iPhone 5 through our services!
  • Get a free movie pass by clicking here!
  • How to Win Your Ex Back!
  • How to Increase Sales with Affiliate Marketing!
  • Do You Want Your Business to be Successful in No Time?
  • Do You Want to Earn as Much as P2,000 a Day By Not Doing Anything?
  • Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Ex Back
  • The Ultimate Reasons for Doing Online Marketing
  • What Our Business Recommends When it Comes to…
  • Everything You Need to Know About Planning Your Dream Vacation
  • You know you need to replace your coffeemaker when…
  • What do you do if customers start patronizing your competitors?
  • Win Your Confidence Back in Three Easy Steps
  • Get More Customers through These Simple Steps
  • Catch their competitive streak.  This is useful if you cater to business customers. Here are examples:
  • Quotes and testimonials.  Do not underestimate what your clients are saying about your business. Quote them!  Here are a couple of examples:
  • Offer incentives.  Who turns away from freebies? Letting your potential customers know what they will get right away can lead them in. Take a look at these examples:
  • Solve their problems.  Do you specialize in consultancy services?  Or do you simply want to help people out? Here is an opportunity. Try these examples:
  • Pose a question. You can get your visitors’ minds working by asking them a question.  Consider these examples:
  • Offer reasons.  There are customers who are fond of asking why.  Give them the answers with these examples:
  • Offer an advice.  Some people need guidance while some simply do not know what to do. Take this chance and appeal to their thinking through these examples:
  • Use fear.  Most businesses turn this option down, but you have no idea what fear does to consumers who consider the possibilities of their businesses or products.  Follow these examples:
  • Offer a process.  This is a spin-off of solving your visitors’ problems only that it offers specific steps.  Take a look at these examples:

There are a lot of other sample headlines that can help your business get noticed.  Get online and check out the different headlines.  Choose those that work for you and see if you can follow those examples.

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