Top 10 Things to Highlight for Your Sales Page

The Sales Page is possibly the most aggressive marketing online businesses can use for their target market. There’s no subtlety in there – just blatant advertising. This is why most people tend to just scroll down the parts without really trying to read anything. It’s possible to stop this from happening though, by highlighting some parts of your sales page.

Think about it – highlighted text typically does catch the eye of people no matter how fast they scroll down. By highlight specific points in a Sales Page, it should be easy for you to deliver a message without the visitors having to read several thousand words of text.

learn it below and enforce it well


The key point here is –what parts should be highlighted? I’ve taken the liberty to answer this question so check out below.

Number 1: Header

The header is definitely included in the top 10 since this will be the attention grabber. This is usually something actionable or something readers will find attractive. A good sample would be something along the lines of “Find Out How to Earn Online Now!”

Number 2: What People Want

Next, a Sales Page should emphasize how much the readers need this product.  It’s important that you inform people that they are missing something from their lives and that YOU are the one capable of filling that gap. Think of something along the lines of. “Are you tired of working 12 hours a day just to make ends meet?”

Number 3: What You Can Give

The third thing you have to highlight is somewhat related to the 3rd one in this list. After asking the question, you need to supply your readers with the answer. This is crucial; otherwise, they really wouldn’t continue reading. Say something along the lines of “We can teach you exactly how to start earning big without working too much!”

Number 4: Price

Remember that the Sales Page could be the most aggressive effort you’ll make to sell so lay down one of the most important cards – the price. No one wants to sign up for anything without knowing exactly how much it would cost the. Highlight the price and don’t forget to add some words of enticement such as “All of this can be yours for $99.99!”

Number 5: Bonuses

Everyone loves a bonus for their purchase so this is an excellent hook. No need to highlight the full list of bonuses, just say something along the liens of “Get these Helpful Bonuses absolutely for FREE!”

Number 6: Warranty

Warranties or money back guarantees are always appreciated as they give the buyer an option to return the product should they find it necessary.

Number 7: Testimonials

Testimonials are the most convincing part of the Sales Page and should therefore be shown prominently throughout the marketing campaign. Provide as many of this as possible.

Number 8: Teasers

Don’t give all the cards away but give readers something to anticipate. A good example of this would be something along the lines of “In here, you’ll find the top 5 foods that can burn up fat fast!”

Number 9: Call to Action

A call to action should compel your reader to click on the subscription link and provide you with their contacts or even make a sale. Some call to actions read “Order Now and Start Getting the Body You Want!”.

Number 10: Contacts

Don’t forget to highlight the contact form for easy location.

Note that highlight spots in Sales Pages can actually change from one business to another depending on what you want to display. The ones I’ve mentioned above are staples though so don’t forget about those.


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