Top 10 Ways to Nurture a Lead

A marketing lead (lead) is a potential avenue for profit. This usually means a customer or consumer who has a high probability of entering into a transaction with you i.e. buy, sell, lease, etc.

This post will discuss ways by which you can increase the chances of lead conversion.

This post will discuss ways by which you can increase the chances of lead conversion.

Based on my experience not all leads pan out; heck, you are lucky if 10% of your total leads convert into a sale. This post will discuss ways by which you can increase the chances of lead conversion.

Lead Generation

The trick is to utilize different ways and means in order to get ACCURATE customer information. The easiest way to do this would be to provide an incentive for the consumer to participate. This usually means a prize. In my opinion this ‘prize” does not need to be expensive.  It is more important that the same be well thought out. A notable example would be free memberships that allow the member additional privileges i.e. discounts, administrator privileges, a specialized icon/avatar, heck bragging rights is enough for most netizens.

What Should Lead Information Contain

Arguably, the most important piece of information is the e-mail address. In fact, some would say that there is really no need to get the name or even phone number of the consumer. For so long as you have the e-mail address, you are all-good. I actually agree with this, but to the same I want to add that the social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter are just as important.

Now that the basics have been discussed, it is time to enumerate the top 10 ways to nurture a lead:

  1. Specify the lead parameters: The best conversion rate occurs when your leads are inherently interested in what you are offering. By specifying parameters, you get to select which leads to nurture or let go.
  2. No need to rush: More often than not over marketing is a turn off. If you must send out newsletters do it weekly, not daily.
  3. Call to action: Always be closing! Never ever, finish any interaction without calling them to act on their impulse.
  4. Add on services: Once you convert a lead into a sale, you need to keep that lead in your database and then market related goods and services or upgrades.
  5. Ask for input: Before closing a transaction why not ask a few survey questions.
  6. Ask for referrals: If your lead converts then ask about potential acquaintances who may also want to avail of your products and services.
  7. Season’s Greetings: If you are doing things right, you have their email address. Now make sure to send out e-postcards on special occasions. Then add a few words about recent updates and upgrades on your catalogue.
  8. Sample Ads: You need to have several ads. This way you are able to relate with different personality types, as well as determine which ad gets more response.
  9. Invest in customer support: The worst that can happen is that a 99% convinced lead is turned off by the lack of professionalism of your call center/support representative.
  10. Provide quality goods and services: Once a lead converts, the same will actually get a taste of what you are offering. If that person finds your products and services lacking then kiss that consumer and his social network goodbye.
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