Top 10 Web Analytics to use in your online marketing campaigns

It does not matter where you are when you use these web analytics. For as long as you know all the features, you can definitely maximize their use.

We have discussed dozens of web analytics – all of which bear a certain degree of advantage when it comes to doing online business. But the web analytics I will enumerate here are not necessarily the best – these are the ones that work well for me. Well, in online marketing campaigns, you can have your own set of favorites. For as long as it can generate more opportunities for you and your business, you should not hesitate in going for it.


Web Analytics Measurement Framework

For me, the following are my personal favorites. This is my top 10 web analytics list that you can use in your online marketing campaigns here in the Philippines:

  • Google Analytics ( This is a popular favorite because it has inherited the popularity of its source engine. Aside from being a ‘default favorite,’ Google Analytics is known for being innovative. It has finally released and employed the real time analytics.
  • comScore ( Indeed, comScore may not factor in other people’s list but I must say that I included this for personal reasons. From where I am coming from, advertising rating is everything. That’s why I believe that comScore figures in my list.
  • GetClicky ( For years, this is my constant favorite. I have been using this for quite some time and it never fails to impress me. It is the true pioneer when it comes to real time analytics.
  • SEO Moz ( Are you into Search Engine Optimization? If so, SEO Moz might just be the only web analytics that you need. Known to be the best when it comes to suggesting the overall structure of your marketing website, it has been a constant favorite of many online marketers not only around the world, but also in the Philippines in particular.
  • Chartbeat ( When it comes to the execution of real time analytics of traffic, Chartbeat is the unquestioned leader. Ever since it debuted, Chartbeat gives its clients a clear idea on how useful a certain content is, as well as how it is actually being used.
  • Sprout Social ( This is the undisputed leader when it comes to the provision of social publishing tool kit. It also gives a very detailed analysis of every single thing you post.
  • Klout ( Klout will definitely help you in understanding what branding is all about. Aside from this, it will help you in tracking and growing your influence in the digital realm.
  • Sitemeter ( This has been one of the first to provide free traffic analytics in the industry. Basically, Sitemeter determined the standards, being one of the older free analytics versions.
  • Quantcast ( This is also known to be the World Wide Web’s premium free ranking services and ratings. The reports generated by Quantcast are usually broken down geographically and demographically.
  • Compete ( When it comes to the method, Compete is more or less the same to Quantcast. A subsidiary of Kantar Media, Compete is respected worldwide for its analysis of the efficiency of every single campaign launched.


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