Top 11 Hypnotic Copywriting Formulas for your Philippine clients

Is your sales copy not converting to leads? Let’s check out some basic strategies in online copywriting.

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Whether you’re writing a sales copy for a website or online advertisement, It’s not that difficult to come up with a marketing pitch. I admit though, that relying on the AIDA approach over and over again is quite boring. If you’re beginning to think that your marketing efforts are already mind numbing for Filipino netizens, then you should think outside the box. After all, when I first felt tired of churning out textual commercials, I engaged in a quest for new techniques. You’d be glad to know that there are eleven top-notch strategies that would surely bring back the fun in online marketing/advertising.


  • The Story Solution – When trying to write a pitch targeted for Philippine customers, it’s sometimes much better to follow a narrative approach. There are times that you must try to think of a story that represents the dilemmas faced by those who are part of your target market. This means that do you must come up or internalize a character, a plot, and a solution. The character would at first face all sorts of issues but would eventually achieve success by using whatever it is that you’re trying to sell. – Create a compelling story intended for your target market.
  • The Direct Approach – Filipinos just don’t have the patience to read an entire hyped-up sales letter. It is for this very reason that I sometimes follow a four-step technique when advertising something. Simply put, you’d first introduce the product that needs to be sold and explain the key benefits that it offers. Afterwards, try to convince the reader that you’re knowledgeable about what you’re selling. Lastly, tell them how to purchase the product. – Get direct and straight to the point.
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Dropbox’s straightforward, instructional approach nails it! =)

  • The Promise Method – you’d probably think that making promises is not a good idea when it comes to writing marketing letters. This is why we have to remind you that making guarantees is fine as long as you could prove that they’re not just there to trick the unwary. In this sense, you’d have to present facts and even testimonials. Once you’ve proven your point, it would then be a must to ask the reader to place an order in the soonest possible time. – Provide guarantees and freebies.
  • The Problem Technique – I always tell my friends that some Filipinos only search for a solution upon realizing that the problem has grown to serious proportions. This fact could sometimes prove to be useful in pitch writing. Specifically, there are instances when you must start discussing a problem. Soon enough, begin to make the issue seem impossible to solve. As you’d expect, tell the reader that there is only one way to prevent the concern from further worsening: buying whatever it is that you’re offering. – Identify the main problem and craft a definite solution.
  • The Urgency Process – Writing high-pressure sales letters is sometimes a waste of time and energy. After all, wise consumers tend to steer clear of such textual advertisements. I’d never say however, that such a marketing endeavor doesn’t have the potential to boost sales. If you’d want to make proper use of urgency, you just have to offer an actual benefit to those who’d be willing to read the letter and avail of the product being offered before the “promo deadline” passes. This method is very effective for the not-so-desperate customers. – Add a clear deadline in your offer.
  • The Artistic Activity – Have you ever thought about the power of words in forming images? Well, if you’re among those who could create art through writing then you should take advantage of your skill. You just have to exert effort in producing positive and relatable mental imagery when writing a pitch. I’d have to remind you however, that despite engaging in such an artistic activity you’d still have to form an effective call-to-action, such as asking the potential customer to “buy now” at the end of the letter. – Convert your words into a design masterpiece!
  • The Inspirational Way – Inbound Marketers used to think about a certain question: is there a way to slightly modify the usual attention-desire-interest-action approach so that the

    zendesk uses an statistical approach which then shifts to an inspirational message.

    resulting marketing letter becomes much more effective? Our team realized soon enough that there is. All you had to do was add an inspirational quote or message right after the headline. Such a simple step makes it easier for the reader to accept what’s being said about the product. – Inspire your target market with famous quotes!

  • The Dramatic System – as I’ve learned throughout the years, sales letters that have an emotional appeal could sometimes trigger an increase in profit. If you’d like to add drama to your pitch, you’d only have to create a story that is focused on a conflict between rivals. As you’ve expected, you need to point out that the product that you’re trying to sell determined the outcome of the disagreement. This means that you have to highlight your offering’s unique perks. – Add an emotional touch to trigger the buyers!
  • The Fortuneteller Scheme – if you’re good at predicting the future, then you should really use this particular writing technique. You’d only have to tell the fortunes of your clients while doing your best to relate your product to the matters being discussed. – Predict the niche’s future to amaze your target clients!
  • The List-of-Seven Plan – The list-of-seven plan is undeniably distinctive since it barely follows the conventional pitch-writing approach. To take advantage of such a marketing system, you’d have to think of the seven most important reasons why whatever it is that you’re selling is a must buy. After accomplishing such a simple task, it’d be time to write them down as an easy-to-understand list that also has a suitable call-to-action at the bottom. – Get everything bulleted/listed for better comprehension!
  • The Tantalizing Proposal – I’d say that this particular approach to sales letter writing is the most difficult to use. If you’d like to rely on this copywriting strategy, you should keep in mind that providing enough information to whet people’s appetites is a must. However, it’d be detrimental to reveal anything specific. Your goal is to intrigue your would-be clients to the point that they’d be eager to get in touch with you without knowing exactly why. – Highlight all the perks for them to take the bait!


As I’ve made clear in this list of exciting formulas, it’s not necessary to continuously follow the AIDA approach. In relation to this, I’ve also highlighted an important fact: writing marketing letters need not be associated with boredom. In order to maintain your enthusiasm in online marketing, just do what I do: Test, test and test. Always mix n’ match to get the perfect taste of your target Philippine customers/clients. =)

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