Top 7 Ways to Get a Guru’s Attention

Is your desire to be among the networks of the most respected people in the online marketing industry? Learn from these tips.

Be among the networks of the most respected people in the online marketing industry

Be among the networks of the most respected people in the online marketing industry

Be a consultant. Even if you are an expert in the internet marketing business, you can still acquire the necessary skills to assume a consultant role. Internet Marketing Gurus worked their way by acquiring much knowledge in the field. And as they say, knowledge will not become common unless it is shared. The skills you develop along these lines are self-sufficiency and resourcefulness. Catching a guru’s attention with your creative ways is just around the bend.

Sell your own products. If you are to catch a Guru’s attention, know better than to sell someone else’s product. Why? Originality matters when it comes to beating the competition online. If you get so good at marketing your own products, your creativity will become an asset and you will noticed as a unique online entrepreneur rather than someone who is just like the others. What you develop doing this is respect. Gurus make it a point to be associated with the freshest and the most creative minds in the industry. Be one of those.

Do affiliate marketing. Take this method as social networking on a more business-like manner. And how do you catch a guru’s attention through it? Well, all you need to do is to faithfully and competitively reward your affiliates for doing a job well done. While affiliate marketing is a job for marketers, make it a point to treat it like it’s a friendship network. Building a positive relationship with your affiliates can get you to be popular. What you get from this is a positive reputation. People would want to be connected with people with positive influences – even internet marketing gurus.

Teach online. By now, you should already possess a relative amount of knowledge about internet marketing that you want to share them out there. Do not keep the secret of your success with you. Remember that a trade secret is different from wisdom in the trade. Do not share a trade secret but share the wisdom associated with the trade. What you will eventually build from this is competence. People will look up to you as a potential guru. And a popular guru might get in touch to cement your fate.

Prey on beginners. It’s not like you will devour them for your own vested interests. Preying means the act of building your own protégée among the beginners in the trade. How? Mold them to be good internet entrepreneurs with your wisdom. Get in touch through forums and social networking sites.

Connect with gurus. Expand your network and do not be shy to open your doors to a network of experts. Gurus appreciate the flattery of being sought after for their wisdom and expertise. So connect with them and try get noticed with your explosive ideas.

Call yourself one. Ha! You can never be a guru’s protégée yourself if you do not consider yourself one. Try this: Associate Guru – Internet Marketing as your job title!


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