Transform Your Internet Marketing Business into an Aggressive “ClickBank” Affiliate

As an internet marketer, you should be able to make money out of your efforts in one way or another. Otherwise, your ship will sink like a rock within months.

A lot of aggressive internet marketing companies have fizzled out mainly due to the lack of a reliable income-generating source.

For a newcomer, you probably might have heard or read about ClickBank somewhere. Chances are, you might have seen ads about how other internet marketers are earning a lot just by selling ClickBank products. While it is understandable that you might have some doubts about how the whole thing works, let me help get the facts straight.

Clickbank's User-friendly frontpage. You should see a dog somewhere in their site.

Clickbank’s User-friendly frontpage. You should see a dog somewhere in their site.


What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a veteran in the field of internet marketing. Established in 1998, ClickBank has sold more than 50,000 types of digital products worldwide. As proof of its moneymaking potential, more than 100,000 internet marketers have affiliated themselves with ClickBank by offering its products on their respective websites.

What makes ClickBank click with internet marketers?

ClickBank is the affiliate-marketing network of choice among internet marketing companies due to the following superior characteristics:

  • Superior commissions. ClickBank offers commissions on digital products up to 75 percent.
  • Faster income generation. Since ClickBank products are digital, delivery to customers is instant. You earn from the sale as soon as ClickBank gets paid.
  • Diverse line of digital products. Choose from thousands of products to promote and sell online. There are no contracts involves and you can start selling any products within minutes!
  • Organized payment system. ClickBank understands the difficulty of tracking sales from multiple products, which is why it has created a system that keeps track and organizes all of your sales and commissions. In addition, ClickBank pays on a weekly basis with multiple payment options.
  • Tracks commissions like a pro. Compared to other affiliate marketing networks, ClickBank provides an accurate and detailed report of your sales.
  • Global products with global reach. ClickBank products are not just confined to English language digital products. You can also choose products from other languages such as French, German, and Spanish. Since you’re promoting products online, you have the whole world as your market. In addition, ClickBank accepts and processes payments in 13 different currencies.

How do I join ClickBank so I can start earning money?

Joining ClickBank is very easy. Just go to the official ClickBank website, sign up, and you’re good to go! Within minutes, you can get access to the “Marketplace” where you can browse thousands of products by category or using keywords. Product categories include (but not limited to): Arts and Entertainment, Computers, Fiction, Health and Fitness, Self-Help, Software, and Travel.

For newcomers, ClickBank offers a wealth of resources to get your internet marketing started and transform it into an aggressive money making venture. ClickBank’s Help Center provides relevant and up-to-date information (guides and tutorials) for internet marketing affiliates, and product creators/vendors. By taking advantage of these free resources, you can easily break away from the competition and start making profits online sooner.


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