Tweak Your Tweet: Top 10 Useful Twitter Softwares to Use

Twitter does not stop at the desktop. Anywhere you go, you can bring it and Tweet away.  Your customers can be hooked onto your every Tweet any hour of the day.  The question is: What are the top 10 Twitter softwares that you can use in order to optimize your use of this microblogging website in your marketing activities.

Your customers can be hooked onto your every Tweet any hour of the day. Here are 10 Twitter softwares that you can use in order to optimize your internet marketing activities.

Pinoys are known for having the power to make anything under the sun go trending – from local soap operas, to impressive products, and even national disasters.  The Pinoy netizen does not usually stop at Philippine trends. They usually go beyond and conquer the worldwide trends in the Twitterverse. Needless to say, there are millions of our countrymen who are already into the Twitter Fever.  For the internet marketing, this only shows that there are a lot of untapped opportunities in this seemingly simple microblogging website.

Here is my personal selection for this year:

  • Twitter (OS X, Web)

On my top spot is the one hosted by the free OS X client. Not everyone loves it, but almost everyone who is into Twitter mobile is aware of its existence. Meaning to say, popularity and availability-wise, this is the version of software to beat. And if you are well-versed of the desktop version, this software is the one resembles it the closest.

  • Buffer (depends on your browser)

If you like to have your post prepared and pre-scheduled for posting, you will definitely like Buffer. I am using it myself and I find it truly clever and useful.

  • Twitterific (OS X)

It comes with a price tag if you want the full version. However, there is a free version that can be used on your Mac with most features disabled. It looks like a mobile application and it is easy to use.

  • Tweetdeck (Chrome, Windows, OS X)

Twitter has found a way to conquer the mobile software market by purchasing Tweetdeck. Since it is directly connected to Twitter, I believe that it is more efficient. And the best thing, which I think you will truly like, is that it is available free of charge.

  • Echofon (Firefox, Windows, OS X)

Echofon is available in almost all platforms. This way, most gadget users can use Twitter via mobile using Echofon and Tweet away while on-the-go.

  • Seesmic Desktop (Windows and OS X)

If you want to find a good convergence point for your desktop and mobile Twitter use, then Seesmic Desktop might be perfect for you. Despite the specialization, both versions are available for free.

  • Janetter (OS X and Windows)

According to my research, this Twitter client claims to be the best in the worldwide web. Based on my personal experiences, there are a lot of things to love in Janetter including multiple account support, multi-column view, and language transation.

  • Kiwi (OS X)

I must say that the strength of this app is the convergence of style and substance.

  • Tweetings (Windows and OS X)

As indicated, this is available via Windows and Mac. However, I think that the Mac version is more visually appealing than its counterpart in Windows. In terms of features, the same is true – the Mac version is more lovable.

  • Weet (OS X)

This is another pretty platform. However, there’s a bit of a problem. I think that its developers lost touch and have no intentions of launching a newer version.

Ready to Tweet

More detailed information about all these software is available over the internet.  Any one of the Twitter software listed here is worth trying to add more functionality to your Twitter account.  It pays to stay connected to your customers even in just short Tweets from time to time.

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