Using Fiverr as a Marketing Tool

Perhaps, you haven’t heard of Fiverr yet. It’s the new, cool website where you can get any kind of service for just $5 (where it got its moniker Fiverr). It is more of a virtual marketplace where buyers and sellers of practically any type of service each for just five dollars. The unique concept has spread like wildfire.

As a marketing tool, you can use Fiverr to outsource some of your marketing requirements. People at Fiverr will do anything from article writing, to creating caricatures, logos and even infographics, to link building each for just $5. And oh, you can get videotaped testimonials too for just $5.

If you are an internet marketer with products that nobody buys because no one seems to be visiting your site, then Fiverr may be the best solution for you. The site has an existing highly targeted traffic that you can tap. You can ‘Fiverr’ your product or services and watch your sales grow.

You can forget about SEO. Through Fiverr, people will be coming to you in droves. You just need to create ‘gigs’ that are totally unique and highly creative to stand out from the rest. If your gig (that’s what they call the offers) is just like hundreds of others being offered in this amazing marketplace, then I’m afraid you won’t be able to sell much – or anything at all. Instead of spending your time doing SEO tasks, channel your time, energy and creativity into creating unique gigs to sell your products. It won’t cost you a cent to join Fiverr. Sign up is free. All it requires from you is to come up with killer ideas that will sell.

If you intend to outsource from or sell something at Fiverr, there are a few things you must be aware of. First, you need to understand that everything at Fiverr is bought or sold for $5. If you are a seller, you must offer products and services at the same price, which means your range of products to sell could be limited. If you are a buyer, you have to be prepared to receive your money’s worth and $5 is really not that much. In other words, do not expect a Cadillac when you are paying only for a Beetle. If you are worried about receiving low quality services, the best solution is to be choosy in selecting your Fiverr provider.

Sellers at Fiverr are ranked according to the number of orders they have generated and the quality of service they have provided based on user feedbacks. There are three levels of sellers peddling their wares at Fiverr. The level one sellers are those who have at least generated 10 orders with excellent feedbacks. The level two sellers are those with at least 50 orders in the last two months with no negative feedbacks. The level three sellers are those that have been selling at Fiverr for a long time. They are manually selected based on the volume of business they have generated and the reputation they have built through the years.

If you are not careful about your choice of a Fiverr provider, you can get scammed easily. There is no fallback mechanism for such at Fiverr except for the feedback mechanism in place. So there is always that possibility that you may deal with a con artist.

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