Using Gamification in Your Internet Marketing Strategies

Is your business in any way related to internet/website traffic? Does your job title include anything to do with optimizing a website for maximum traffic? Do you want to make more out of your internet-based business?

this method of internet marketing makes use of the basic principles that game developers utilize to rear in online gamers.

this method of internet marketing makes use of the basic principles that game developers utilize to rear in online gamers.

What if I told you that your website has the potential to rear in traffic that will positively affect your bottom line through “gamification”, is that something you might be interested in? If your answer is yes, to any of the questions I just posed, then read on my young padawan, read on.

What is “Gamification”?

From the root word “game”, this method of internet marketing makes use of the basic principles that game developers utilize to rear in online gamers. Simply put, think of how popular plants vs. zombies is. Now think of using the same principles used to make gamers addicted to the point of spending hours on end and a significant amount of money to improve their game.

Why Gamification?

The simple answer is that, it actually works when properly utilized. Some games sell, some games don’t. If you really think about it, those that sell, do so for a reason. Those that didn’t, failed to gauge their audience.

The How of Gamification

First, you need to determine your target market/audience. In order to do this you need to be aware of the different types of “gamers”. Think of it this way:

  • Knights: selfless and brave. Think PAWS or Red Cross
  • Nobles: who require luxury and extra attention
  • Assassins: lurkers on a website. How can you make them come out?
  • Thief: Those who want to make a profit just like you
  • The Guide: the helpful thread moderator who will answer queries

Second is demographics. Who do you think are the personalities who will visit your website? This must not merely be based on conjecture but on solid statistical data of actual site visitors. As well as the visitors of competitor sites.

Third, you need to provide an incentive for participation. This does not necessarily mean giving out prizes that will cost you. Think more of “badges of honor” much like level ups on an RPG which will grant more access or give you bragging rights (i.e. number of Likes, Favorites, Shares, leaderboards, etc.)

Fourth, simplicity is the key. Think snake, Tetris, Plants vs. Zombies, Farmville, Angry birds, etc. These are simple games you can play off the bat without even reading the instructions.

There are more elements of Gamification to discuss, but I think these four are enough to make a point. Now it is example time. What best to do that than to apply the same to a make believe website.

Mr. A has a group-buying website much like Zalora, Metrodeals, Dealspot, etc. How can he apply Gamification to lure site visitors and then convince them to purchase from him?

  1. Target audience: online shoppers
  2. Demographics: Depends on the products and services being sold. If majority are techie stuff, then there is your demographics, 70% men 20 to 30 years of age.
  3. Incentive: Show them how much of a bargain they are getting (i.e. 50% off).
  4. Simplicity: Each add has the bare essentials of a picture, how much, how long until the deal ends and how much off a bargain is the customer getting.
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