What: Kick-Ass Online Copywriting Target: Filipino Netizens

Online copywriting is the process of creating the written content of a website and making sure that through these contents, a high traffic to the same site will result.

While most online entrepreneurs put much of their resources into designing a website and the technical aspects of it, you can deviate for a bit and start investing on a copywriter. You will see how coupling your efforts to be technologically competitive with developing quality content will not only help your sales but will also propel you to a better rank among search engines. Why? It is because copywriting is not only for human customers but also for website crawlers. Here are some tips to consider when you write a copy for your website:


Focus on selling your products. A tendency for copywriters is to emphasize the specification of a given product. They tend to talk about how much was spent in creating the product, who worked on getting it in the market, what a product is made of, or how it compares to other similar competitor products. This is not entirely incorrect but it defeats the goal of making a sale. Consumers may find product information useful but if they do not find a reason to buy it, you lose them. Focus on the benefits instead of the features of a product.


Use emotional overtones. This is highly applicable in a Filipino market. Notice how advertisements depicting certain levels of emotions entice consumers to patronize a certain brand. You can do the same thing in your website. When you write a copy, focus on how your readers will end up feeling better about their body, their face, their skin, etc.


Make your headline striking. Using an effective headline to catch your readers’ attention is crucial if you are even thinking about getting spotted. Just like newspaper headlines, the number of internet users who will likely click on a link directing them to your advertisement or your website depends on how interesting your headline appears. In this case, it is safe to say that you need to write to impress.


Some of the benefits of Kick-Ass copywriting.


Prompt readers to act. Even if you have written an excellent content, readers will stop reading as soon as they’re done. Adding an element that prompts them to act on anything you want them to do should not be missed. Prompts that refer to urgency will most likely work especially if you are successful in letting them feel that they will lose something that will benefit them if they will not take their chance now.


Consider your tone. Write your copy in a lively manner to avoid boredom. Just like any other audiences, Filipinos get bored if you write your copy in a boring manner. To keep them engage, you can include a comment box. Upon the sight of it, your audience may be prompted to drop you a note.


Remember that the content of your website appears before a society that is slowly learning to consider quality in marketing offers. You cannot lose any one of your readers because you tossed a poorly-written sales pitch.



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