10 Insider’s Tips on How to Make Customers Love Your Brand in the Philippines


Gone are the days when companies refer to themselves in the third person. Today, the biggest selling point is approachability. The goal is to cultivate customer relationships and make it seem as those the business is a friendly neighbour that can be easily approach for any problem. After all, customers don’t bite – so no need to be afraid. =)


Benefits of Good Customer Relationships in the PhilippinesCustomer-service-meme philippines

The benefit of good relations with your customer doesn’t really need much elaboration. To put it simply, being “friendly” with your Filipino clients paves the way for faster and better transactions. You have the option of doing away with the formality and making yourself safe and easy to approach. For the sake of elaboration however, you’d find that there is more to this than meets the eye. Following are the other benefits of being the “approachable” business.

  • Repeat Business – A delightful experience from a seller usually prompts us to come back to that same seller for the same need. It’s basic human reaction and good customer relations are the trigger. Clients wouldn’t think twice about coming back to you if they believe that they obtained an excellent service through the company.
  • Word of Mouth Marketing – the most powerful marketing method is a straight out referral from someone you trust. With good customer relations, you’d find that there’s a higher chance the satisfied clients will be sharing their happy experience with your company. This will definitely be a boost to your reputation, both online and offline.
  • Humanizes the Company – one of the biggest turn offs for clients is the alleged “cold blooded” approach of the business. They hate being greeted by electronic voices or communicating with the company through stilted letters. Good customer relations bring back the humanity in the business. This makes the company seem more approachable and easier to deal with. This paves the way for a relaxed and even a friendly feeling towards the business.


How to Make Customers take DELIGHT in your businesscustomer loyalty philippines

Talking about making customers LOVE your brand is easy – actually making it happen takes a bit of work. Before launching into this type of campaign, it’s important that earning the respect of clients is an ongoing project. Be prepared to keep it up for as long as the business is in operation. That being said, here’s what you should know about pleasing the Filipino market:

  1. Automate as Needed – some businesses think that this is actually detrimental as automation removes the “humanity” concept. However, automation actually helps increase it as the staff frees their time to deal with the more important tasks. For example, companies can install a predictive dialer in the office to automate the calls. With this program, the customer service staff can concentrate more on directly talking with prospects.
  2. Insert Emotion – have you ever been to Jollibee and found yourself greeted by an incredibly friendly staff? Although it might not seem like it first, inserting “emotion” into the marketing mix actually makes people more receptive to company representatives. In fact, many businesses today are teaching their staff how to properly convey a happy emotion that contributes to the branding of the business.
  3. Pander to the Old and the New – you know what’s frustrating about sales? It’s to find the product you bought for the full price being discounted to entice the new customers. It turns the loyal customers off, causing them to seek greener pastures. Whenever you launch a marketing campaign to capture new fish, always make sure that you’re also giving something of equal value to the old ones.
  4. Recognize Them – a good example of this would be replying directly to your client in a public setting – like social media. Some customers find it satisfying when customers comment back on them for a previous observation.
  5. Make it Fast – make sure that any queries thrown your way are given an answer – fast! Offer different avenues for contact including live chats. If you’re responding by email, make sure to offer more information that just the basic answer. Learn to anticipate what the clients want to find out so you can deliver beforehand.
  6. Make it Fit – in any business, there are different types of clients that you need to deal with. Some of them may concentrate more on availing specific products while others may go after a different kind. It’s a good idea to offer them sales, discounts and loyalty awards specifically for their needs. This might seem like a bit tough at first but by customizing your loyalty program, it becomes easier to make the customers appreciate your work.
  7. Say Thank You – a thank you shouldn’t be just said at the end of the transaction. Brilliant companies take the time to send a thank you note to their clients, regardless
    A simple thank you message just like this one from "RingCentral" will make your customers feel special.

    A simple thank you message just like this one from “RingCentral” will make your customers feel special.

    of whether there’s been a recent transaction or not. It’s a great way to remind them of their subscriptions and underlining their importance. Some businesses like to partner this with good news like an upcoming sale or product discounts.

  8. Ask Away – never take it for granted that you know what the customers want – you don’t. Instead, take the time to do some asking about what they want and what you can offer.
  9. Pay Attention to the Staff – a happy staff means a well-performing staff, so make sure that they get the attention they deserve. Be sensible when it comes to perks and help raise the morale of the people dealing with the customers.
  10. Know the Market – lastly, always keep your pulse on the trends and changes in the market, especially your fans. Be aware of the competition and make sure that you’re always one step ahead of them. You can do this by keeping your eyes and ears open, catch any murmurs of dissatisfaction and fix it immediately!


Paul’s Last Words:

When it comes right down to it, good customer relationship is all about cultivating trust between you and the client. Remember that there are two basic ingredients to make customers love your brand. The first is to provide them with quality products/services and the second is to do this in a professional yet friendly manner. By always being in control of what you do and how you do it, creating an army of loyal fans should be as successful as the Harry Potter series. =)


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