12 Killer Strategies to Promote a Startup Business in the Philippines


Filipinos love tradition. If something works for them, they would happily go to that same place of business every time. However, there’s also logical and are open minded for new things. If Pinoys see something that offers them better service, you can bet they’d have no problem transferring. The question is – how do you get Filipinos to take notice of a brand-new, spanking start-up?

startup company philippinesThe Difficulty of Promoting a Startup

When starting a fledgling company, many owners make the mistake of immediately gunning for the big time. Although this should be the long term goal, it’s crucial that you first consider the short-terms goals of the startup. There are going to be lots of hurdles before getting to your ultimate goal, but do not be fooled – it will be worth it.



Following are some stuffs you need for a business start up.

  • Your Market Profile – the first and most obvious tool you need would be a complete profile of the target market. What kind of people are you hoping to serve and most likely to obtain your product/services? Without narrowing down your target market, it would be pretty hard to set up anything else.
  • Prepare Capital – no matter what kind of business you’re starting, capital money is always needed. In order to determine how much you need to set aside, it’s best if you first have a thorough study of business to calculate the possible expenditures while getting it off the ground. Make sure to have an allowance of at least 10% to cover unexpected expenses.
  • The Company Itself – before promoting yourself, you need to be sure of exactly what you are promoting. For example, what’s your business name and what’s the main website of the company? More importantly, what are the services offered and what makes this service/product more preferable than the competition? You need to identify what aspect of your business shows the most promise for promotion.


Strategies for Promoting a Startup in the Philippines

So how do you start promoting a startup? Here are the steps that you must never ever miss out on:

  1. Increase your Social Visibility – the first thing to do would be to let your market know that you’re open for business. This can be done in a variety of ways starting from a press release to an advertising spot in Facebook. Use your market profile to find the best places to promote your business. Some of the best networks that would help boost visibility include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Press Release Sites, LinkedIn and more.
  2. Hook up with Market Leaders – the old adage still holds true for the business sector. It’s not what you know but who you know that can get you to the top. Hence, make sure to affiliate with some marketing leaders that can help promote what you have. For some businesses, this can be something as simple as adding or being followed by niche-related businesses.
  3. Set up the Stage – Note that hobnobbing with the top people in the industry should be done carefully and way before the actual launch. For example, you’re thinking about launching the business on December. As early as the month of May, you should already be cultivating connections and getting introduced to the right people. Your goal is to start collecting enough connections so that when you finally launch, there will be a ready stream of supporters to help.
  4. Make it Soft – a business startup should always have a soft opening or a beta phase to test out the waters. Typically, the beta phase can last for about a year when the business owner assesses the market response and looks for possible loopholes in the process. Never go all out on a company startup, especially if this is the first business you’re launching.
  5. Don’t Forget Offline – this is usually a good promotional strategy if you’re a local business. Although the internet is a good cost-effective place for promotion, there are still lots of people that can only be reached through offline methods. If needed, try getting just a small spot through the local newspaper, placing your website address to direct traffic to your website.
  6. Viral Content – make good use of the people’s proficiency with the internet by offering them something worth sharing. This can be a video,
    Reach out - Get viral! =)

    Reach out – Get viral! =)

    an infographic or an articlethat they will find interesting. Obviously, it has to be indirectly related to your business to make it effective. Keep in mind that there are two things that will definitely get people to share whatever content you might have: invaluable information and humour.

  7. Find a Celebrity – this doesn’t have to be a big celebrity – just someone who has a decent amount of following to their name. Ever heard of Moymoy Palaboy or perhaps Natalie Tran? These people are dubbed as internet celebrities, making them ideal voices for the internet public. Look for someone with a few followers but not overly popular with the characteristics that you feel could best represent your brand. You can also try looking for top bloggers who can review your service.
  8. Offer an Incentive – Filipinos love free stuff so you definitely wouldn’t be doing anything wrong with this one. Encourage your current followers to spread the word about you and given them a good reason to do it.
  9. SEO – of course, let’s not forget the all important SEO although this is pretty much given. Your website, social media accounts and various other promotional products should be optimized for search engines. Make sure you’ve chosen the right keywords, tagged them and placed links leading to your website.
  10. Jump In – talk with people, join forums and slowly build your PERSONAL reputation. This means being part of the community and introducing yourself as the ordinary Joe who just happens to know more about a specific subject. Once you’ve established yourself as master in the craft, this is the best time to start promoting the business that YOU represent.
  11.  Take a Step Back – so how are things going? From time to time, you should take a step back and assess the situation. Are your strategies working and if so, which ones offer the best results?
  12. Keep it Up – always remember, start-ups are fairly fragile and they keep constant nurturing. In the real world, it takes about 5 years of operation before a business is considered well and truly safe. When it comes to online businesses however, the years go by a bit faster. You shouldn’t find yourself relaxing until you’ve well and truly established yourself in the market.


Before you promote your startup, check out this growth chart.

Before you promote your startup, check out this growth chart.

Paul’s Last Words:

There are bound to be problems and your goal is to catch those problems before they become too serious. More than ever, this is the time when you need to keep your ears open for the market’s feedback. Remember that this is the stage where you are trying to gain their trust so always respond quickly and appropriately.


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