30 Day Challenge Ideas for Philippine Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs


 challenge accepted memeTed Talks is definitely one of those shows that are worth watching. Their tagline is “Ideas Worth Sharing” and they’ve had topics that greatly affects our everyday lives. There are lots of good ones but with this article, we’ll be focusing on Matt Cutts’ latest talk. A computer scientist, Cutts talks about the 30-day Challenge which circles on the idea that you can do anything new – for 30 days.

How true is this statement and how does this work for Filipino internet marketers and entrepreneurs? First, let’s dissect Cutts’ statement:


The 30 Day Challenge by Matt Cutts

The idea is to try something – anything – for the next 30 days and stick to it. It can be something as simple as taking pictures of your blooming flower or perhaps writing 10,000 words each day to the completion of a novel. It’s a simple concept with incredible repercussions when applied to daily lives. As for internet marketers, the concept can start to work wonders on your ability to get ahead of the competition. According to Matt Cutts, the 30 days challenge is:

  • Just the right length of time to learn something new or unlearn a bad habit.
  • If you stick to doing something for the next 30 days, there’s a bigger chance that you will be able to continue the same permanently.



30 Day Challenge for Filipino Internet Marketers


  • Learn something new in Photoshop every day – pictures are starting to become excellent media for online marketing. Start learning how to create unique pictures for your business to get better hits.


  • Write a new article every day – try to hit a specific word count such as 300 or 500 words.


  • Reply to at least 5 comments every day – connecting with customers is an important aspect of marketing. This will boost your visibility as well as the brand’s reputation. Make sure to set a limit for how many comments you’d be replying to in a period of 30 days.


  • Re-tweet something every day – communication with followers is an important aspect of marketing. A good example is Taco Bell’s very active Twitter activity which has made their brand voice even better.


  • Explore a new social network – who says you need to focus on Facebook and Twitter alone? There’s Quora, Pinterest and Instagram which could offer new avenues for social marketing. Choose one social network and spend at least one hour exploring it each day.


  • Learn a new internet marketing technique – so you’re focused on SEO, but what about social media marketing? There are lots of ways to get your product across – learn a different one everyday!


  • Read a new book about online marketing – try reading at least one chapter each day.


  • Attend a webinar for the next 30 days – webinars are a great way to learn something new in the field from some of the best people in the industry. Try to sign up for at least one every day and see where this takes you!


  • Enroll in a social media marketing course – now this might actually take more than 30 days, but it will be worth it! Visit sites like Alison and get home-schooling to develop your online marketing.


  • Read news about social media marketing – subscribe to a newspaper and always read up on what’s new, at least one article each day.


  • Listen in on a sales call – how long since you’ve sat in to listen on a sales call? Try doing this once a day and figure out if anything can be improved.


  • Think up a new product – have you been too busy marketing your old product? Perhaps it’s time to introduce a new one!


  • Dedicate one hour to the development of a new product – some marketers have been too focused marketing their old product that the new one has been left to stagnate. Don’t let this happen – allocate one hour for the product in 30 days!


  • Talk with one of the marketing team – you’ll be amazed at what new ideas you can come up with a good chat.


  • Have a top 10 to do list – create a list at the start of the day and make sure they’re cleared up by the end of the day.


  • Develop an infographic in 30 days – infographics are the FRESHEST marketing media today. Make sure to be in on this strategy.


  • Learn a new function in video editing – videos are always a big hit for many online citizens. Learn how to capture this media with video editing.


  • Share an old post every day – increase the visibility of your best content by sharing and boosting through different social media websites.


  • Research 5 new long-string keywords for the niche – keywords are a big deal when it comes to SEO. Make sure that you are always up to date on what people are researching and customize your own site to fit.


  • Study and analyze one competitor for 30 days – what exactly is the competition doing? Allot one hour studying their tactics so that you can stay ahead of the game!


Obviously, some of the challenges noted here are a bit improbable, especially if you take one each day. For example, it can’t be possible to read one full book each day. Instead, you can try committing yourself to several chapters each day with the ultimate goal. Add more challenges to those mentioned and you should be able to improve your marketing reach – 30 days at a time.


Paul’s Last Words: Beyond 30 Days

What Matt Cutts have noticed is that in some challenges, he managed to retain the habit even after the 30 day period. As a result, he managed to go on bigger challenges, to the point where he managed to even climb Mount Kilimajaro! Now think about applying that to your everyday marketing strategy and be amazed at how things turn out! Obviously, some challenges will be just too outrageous to continue – but think about how much improvement they will do for your business, even if done within just 30 days.

Paraphrasing from what Cutts said – the next 30 days WILL PASS no matter what you do, so why not make the most of it?

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