51 Online Business Ideas for Filipinos / Philippine Entrepreneurs


internet serious business memeIf you are one of the people who think Filipinos are not born as entrepreneurs, you are mistaken and perfectly brainwashed by aliens from outerspace! In fact, even the simplest of people here possess entrepreneurial spirit.

How else can you classify the balut or fishball vendor at the street corner or the people who set up makeshift bridges from planks of wood when the streets are flooded? They may not look as fancy as the glittering office workers at Ayala but provided the right opportunity. They can definitely make more money.

With the majority of the population becoming more and more influenced by the internet, these simple entrepreneurial ideas can be turned into a huge online success. That said, my team in Ortigas compiled below is a list of 51 online business ideas for Philippine entrepreneurs. Feel free to dig in!


1.) Vintage Stores

Combine your target market’s penchant for branded items and bargains then you can have a vintage store. In the Philippines, you will find plenty of UK or “ukay” stores selling pre-owned clothing items and accessories. Online, such are known as pre-loved goods which give it a more stylish twist without sounding cheap, a no-no to the Filipino fashionista.

You can scour UK stores, check your closet or ransack your friends’. Find anything from branded shoes to bags, post it online and be rest assured, someone somewhere will dig your pre-owned items.


2.) English Tutorials

English is the Filipino’s second language. While this has created quite a controversy with a majority of the population becoming unfamiliar with the native language, Filipinos have to admit it can work to their advantage.

Set up your online English tutorial service catering to Koreans or Japanese. You may be able to fish for some European tutees as well. Build your website and set up a payment method. Using Skype for the online tutorial does not even have to cost you a thing.


3.) Travel and Tours

It’s more fun in the Philippines and you can show foreigners why. Information on the Philippine’s 1,107 islands seems to be lacking. You can help tourists out in arranging their visits. That means you should have plenty of details to share about resorts and local attractions.


4.) English Tutorial Touring Services

You can also combine your English tutorial skills and touring competencies by combining educational goals with travelling pleasure. In the summer, Korean and Japanese students seek opportunities to travel and learn at the same time. You can take advantage of this opportunity to orient them in select places of the country, providing them with an educational tour and arranging English lessons at the same time.


5.) Cosplay Costume Rental

Filipino kids are much into anime so much so that they dress the part. With plenty of cosplay events throughout the year, you have plenty of profit potential from a cosplay costume rental.


6.) Online Reseller

Reselling or more popularly known as buy and sell to the Filipinos also presents a massive opportunity. In fact, some people have made it bread and butter. You can set up your own website or post your items in more popular trading sites such as Sulit.


7.) Direct Selling

Before the internet, Filipino women have already been relying on Avon for additional income. And direct selling has a brighter future online.


8.) K-Pop Merchandising

Filipinos have developed a particular fascination bordering obsession with Korean Pop. It could be the unique hairstyle, the unusual fashion sense or the charming eyes of these K-Pop groups that gets Filipino girls willing to spend thousands of pesos to get a glimpse of their K-pop icons, screaming at the top of their lungs. Now, if these kids are willing to spend that much money, they are more than willing to spend on a piece of item that will validate their crazy obsession.

A case in point, when Psy’s “Gangnam Style” first hit it big, anything from mugs, stickers, fans and shirts that are Gangnam inspired sold like hotcakes among Filipino fanatics. That’s just one craze. Imagine banking on the dozens of Korean drama shown in Philippine TV and the profit potential of a K-Pop inspired merchandising business.


9.) Cosmetics Store

One thing about the Filipino women is that they love imported cosmetics especially items from the popular brands and the hard to find ones. This makes an online cosmetic store a potentially profitable online business idea.


10.) Flip-Flop Business

Gone are the days when the only flip flop names known to the Filipinos are Islander or Spartan. Flip flops have, in fact, become a basic item for the fashionistas and above average spenders since the introduction of the overpriced flops from Brazil. This craze is still growing and you too can profit from it.


11.) Online Bakeshop

Christmas is a big celebration in the Philippines. It is high time for cookies and baked items exchanges among co-employees, friends and neighbors. But that is not the only time your online bakeshop can thrive, there are birthdays all year round and Valentine’s Day where people would need custom made pastries to express their sweetness.


12.) Wedding Favors

Couples often head to Divisoria for wedding favors. But in the middle of all the craziness concerning wedding preparation, not everyone has the time or the patience to scour the polluted and overly populated streets of Divisoria. So, why not bring help this would-be couples out and offer online convenience.


13.) Custom Shirt Designs

Custom shirt printing is not just reserved for Christmas when businessmen and women give away shirts to their patrons and Elections when politicians need something to print their faces on. Valentine’s Day is also a good opportunity to sell couple shirts and not to mention anniversaries or the ridiculous idea of month-saries or week-saries but who are you to complain when it means more business.


14.) Custom Jewelry Store

Jewelry never goes out of style. Open a site to accept customized requests and you are good to go.


15.) DIY Shop

The number of physical DIY stores around is limited. You can find a specific niche and offer items which customers will not find elsewhere.


16.) Auction Sale

There are bidding events but not everyone is aware of it. So, why not make it more accessible by putting up an auction site.


17.) Affiliate Marketing

It is a booming business worldwide. And it will absolutely work in the Philippines too. Affiliate marketing will work well if you have excellent sales skills.


18.) Catering Business

You do not have to put up a physical store or manage an inventory. To market your catering business, you can use the internet. Put up a professional website, get the word out and accept orders.


19.) Content Writing

Information is in great demand. And the internet has plenty of room for creative and quality content.


20.) Blogging

Find your forte and put up a blog.


21.) Discount Sites

Filipinos like bargains. And sites that offer various deals and discounts are a big hit. You can ride on this demand and put up your own.


22.) Web Design

There are Filipino entrepreneurs who are not skilled when it comes to internet technology. You can help build the online SMEs in the Philippines by sharing your talent in web design.


23.) Encoding

This is another kind of service that you can offer online. Start by bidding on jobs and once you have built a client base, you can expand further by putting up your own site.


24.) Transcription Services

There are companies being built in the Philippines for medical and legal transcriptionists. You can either apply as an employee or better yet put up your own online business and gather your own team of transcriptionists.


25.) Graphic Design

If you have the knowledge and skills in this field, it will come in handy. And it also makes a great business idea. All you need is your talent and a website to sell your services.


26.) Video Editing Services

There are plenty of huge post production and video editing services around that caters to advertisers and enterprises. These services are paid for by the hour which can get quite expensive for small to medium business owners. Tapping into this market is a great business opportunity.


27.) Software and Script Programming

Instead of applying for companies or seeking better opportunities abroad, you can use your background in Information Technology to put up your own business. Your ideas for online web applications, plug-ins, games, scripts and programs may be a profitable opportunity. The key here is to be industry specific.


28.) Customer Service

The call center industry in the country has not dwindled. As a matter of fact, it continues to grow. And customer service is absolutely something that Filipino business owners can take advantage of.


29.) Virtual Assistant

Another online making opportunity is offering virtual assistance where you can help companies handle executive tasks, implement clerical functions or manage social media accounts. Requirements vary from one company to another but if you have the necessary background and skill set, it may just be the right opportunity for you.


30.) Computer Repair and Maintenance

Filipinos are fond of computers and gadgets. But when their hardware gets into trouble they find it difficult to transport it themselves to a notable repairman. To provide convenience, you can offer your expertise online and instead of letting your customer come to you, you can go to them.


31.) Proofreading and Editing

All you need is a superior grammar skills and keen attention to detail to offer your services to various companies online, helping them ensure they publish quality content.


32.) Digital Printing

This is a great business idea for 2013. Your clients can range from advertising agencies, small to medium businesses, politicians or even the proud parents of new graduates or board and bar passers.


33.) Travel Agency

The tourism campaign is getting a lot of attention. You can help the industry out and profit from it as well by putting up your own travel agency online.


34.) Souvenir Shop

There are many native Filipino products that you can showcase for the curious tourists. And you can offer it online too.


35.) Online Tutorials

The influx of Korean and Iranian students in Metro Manila is something you can take advantage of. You can help these students adjust to the Philippine educational system better by offering online tutorial services specifically catering to their needs.


36.) Gift Baskets

Giving away Christmas gift baskets is a tradition for companies here in the Philippines. But this also means you must differentiate your offers from the rest.


37.) Events Planning

Some people like parties but hate the stress of the planning stage. And this is where you come in. You can cater to weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and other occasions. But corporate events will prove to offer the most lucrative pay.


38.) Online Daiso

This is the Japanese version of UK stores that abound in the Philippines. Instead of selling clothing items and accessories, furniture pieces and electronics imported from Japan are showcased. These pre-owned items are refurbished and sold for a great profit. You can definitely use the internet as a platform to launch such a business.


39.) Hotel Guides

With the government making countless efforts to promote tourism in the country, you can help out and earn at the same time by offering a comprehensive hotel guide for both foreign and local tourists. Tie up with hotels for a chance to get promoted in your website.


40.) Hobby Stores

A specialty hobby store is another online business opportunity that you can grab. You can find an existing profitable niche or promote a new hobby.


41.) Electronics Store

In the Philippines, when people want to buy computers and electronics, they head to Gilmore or to the populous side of Manila. But such proves to be a hassle as these places are not exactly easily accessible. What’s more convenient then than having an online electronics store?


42.) Custom Made Calendars

This is another company giveaway that never fades. Printing presses are overwhelmed with great demand. The thing is orders have to be in bulk to get processed. It means there is a great opportunity to fill the demand and such can be done via online with a business offering custom made calendars and other company merchandises.


43.) Craft Store

Whether you have a talent in candle making, pottery or other forms of arts and crafts, you can use it as another profitable online business idea. Bags made of abaca, interesting weaves and other genuinely Filipino made can be showcased in your website as well.


44.) Call Center Training

Never mind the odd working hours, it seems the lucrative salary is enough to attract young Filipino professionals to the call center industry. You can help dreams come true by helping out these young aspirers snag the job.


45.) Gamer’s Hub

Online games such as DOTA have become so popular that a song has been composed about it. Young individuals are truly passionate about these games and if you are too, you can express your obsession by creating a gamer’s hub. Getting traffic for sponsors should not be a problem.


46.) Custom-Printed Products

Merchandises are made more special when they are personalized. Instead of putting up a physical store or a kiosk at the mall, you can start up taking online orders.


47.) Online Flower Shop

Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are when flowers are in great demand. Some people go as far as battling with the crowd at Dapitan to get fresh flowers. Going to a flower shop in a mall is more convenient but such can be too pricey. So, why not offer something in between? Affordable flowers obtained with great convenience. You can offer it for free delivery too.


48.) Collector Store

Some people are indeed fond of collecting rare items whether it involves toys, equipments, etc. Find your niche and help these collectors out. Since it is online, you do not have to maintain an inventory. You can just get the items you have orders for.


49.) Physical Therapy

A lot of Filipinos have chosen this field of study for a chance to go abroad. But you do not have to leave the country to earn more than being an employee at a clinic or hospital. You can offer your services online and get to your clients through home visits. An hour session can earn you a minimum of 600 pesos.


50.) Web Development

As mentioned earlier, not all entrepreneurs are talented and skilled in web development. If you have the necessary skills, you can make money out of it and you know exactly who to target.


51.) SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is the buzz in the online community. Unfortunately though, there are only a few Philippine based online sites that take it seriously. You can bring awareness to the importance of SEO and promote your services to help out your fellow entrepreneurs make more money than they are making now.


Paul’s Last Words:

The biggest advantage of online businesses is that they cost very little to set up. That means you do not have to be a Henry Sy to afford putting up a business that can potentially grow as huge as the SM malls combined.

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