7 Stealthy Methods in Analyzing Your Customers’ Online Experience in the Philippines


You shouldn’t think of your fellow Filipinos as mere sources of money. If you do, you wouldn’t know whether your clients are turning into horrendous beasts or becoming fluffy bunnies. The former have the ability to end your business, while the latter boost sales.

customer relationship philippinesSince you’ve just stumbled upon a shocking truth, you’re mind is now filled with all sorts of questions. Among them however, one stands out: is there a way to keep people from turning into monsters? Of course, there is. You have to provide continuous satisfaction. To accomplish this important task though, you need to analyze customer experience.


Analysis Advantages that Impress

While it’s obvious that you’re already eager to engage in experience-evaluation endeavors, it’d still be best for you to discover the various perks of what you’d soon do. Here are three advantages that will surely make you much more enthusiastic:

  • Revenue from Loyalty – it doesn’t take a genius to realize that happy consumers return for more, while disgruntled ones search for other companies. Simply put, by knowing whether you’ve pleased your clients, you’d be able to find out whether you succeeded in transforming many Filipino netizens into loyal customers. Of course, the number of returning clients is also an indicator of how successful your enterprise is in terms of profits.
  • About a Wake-Up Call – if you’d eventually learn through customer-experience analysis that your business isn’t performing well, then you should really be grateful. After all, assessing people’s perspectives of your web-based company is among the most effective ways of pinpointing the problems that need to be solved as quickly as possible, which in turn means that you’d have a chance to turn things around. Some entrepreneurs never realize until it’s too late.
  • Cost-Free Promotions – right now, you might still be thinking about the bunny analogy, especially about its meaning in relation to a firm’s survival and growth. To understand the concept, you’d have to keep in mind that consumers tend to rely on their families and friends when it comes to product or service selection. If you keep your customers satisfied, it’s likely that they’d recommend your offerings to others and act like cute, business-promoting bunnies.


7 Stealthy, Effective Evaluations Made Simple

Since you’ve already discovered the key reasons why expert entrepreneurs do their best to evaluate their customers’ experiences, you’re finally ready to learn about some of the most effective analysis techniques, which are as follows:

  • The Support Approach – it’s true that finding out whether you please your clients is sometimes as easy as checking your support-service records. If it takes more than a few calls or several emails to have a single issue resolved, then rest assured that you’re beginning to infuriate those you need to serve. In addition, the response time also matters. If it takes a couple of minutes before the phone gets answered or more than two days are needed to receive a single email response, then you really have a lot to fix.
  • A Social-Media Pursuit – for many entrepreneurs, social networks are excellent product-promotion hubs. It should be pointed out though, that Facebook and Twitter could also be considered as client-survey platforms. To find out whether your customers’ experiences are synonymous with bliss, you’d just have to start conversation threads. It’d also be advantageous to allow netizens to mention things about your company that they either find lacking or aggravating. In doing so, you’d assure them that they’ll see improvements.
  • Feedback-Form Method – while relying on social-media-based surveys isn’t always necessary, you shouldn’t think of feedback forms in the same way. This just customer feedback philippinesmeans that you have to give your clients an opportunity to grade your products or services in a thorough manner. Well, you’d be glad to know that coming up with a proper feedback form is easy. All you have to do is to make sure that the questionnaire touches on topics such as value and convenience, while also having space for suggestions and other comments.
  • On the Focus-Group Way – if you have enough funds to hold a focus group, then you shouldn’t think twice before contacting some of your customers. What makes this experience-analysis technique much more effective than most of its counterparts, lies in the sheer amount of information that it could produce. In most cases, you’d not only receive honest remarks about your current offerings, but you’d also garner valuable insights on marketing methods and product development.
  • A Get-to-Know Strategy – there’s another excellent – although rather indirect – way of knowing whether your business is currently capable of guaranteeing a positive customer experience: conducting surveys that pertain to general preferences and interests. The logic behind this approach is simple. By knowing how your clients think, you’ll understand what they really want and thus you’d be able to estimate how pleasing their experience was or will be. You should remember though, that this assessment method is merely supplementary.
  • About a Trial Touch-Point – it’d also be possible to understand your customers’ feelings right after they’ve interacted with your firm by paying attention to touch-points. Simply put, you only need to act as a common consumer (or a very demanding one) and try to discover firsthand how convenient it is to buy something from your website. While doing so, you should map the entire pursuit and take note of the most praiseworthy parts as well as the upsetting portions. One you’re done, you’d have ideas for improvement.
  • Thinking of Some Scores – you’re busy with a lot of other things at the moment? Well, there’s an assessment strategy that suits people like you: identifying the Net Promoter Score. Each time you complete a transaction, you should ask the question of “would you be willing to recommend this company to those close to you?” After letting your clients answer in scale form and once you’ve computed the score, you’ll finally have a better idea of the experience that you provide (check the NPS guide below for more details).


The popular net promoter score can be effectively applied here in the Philippines setting.

The popular net promoter score can be effectively applied here in the Philippines setting.

Paul’s Last Words: Discover, Recover, Improve

Have you become a customer-experience-analysis guru after reading this write-up? Probably not. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that you’ve garnered enough entrepreneurial wisdom to make success much more achievable. All in all, even though you used to be clueless whether your company provides satisfying interactions, you now have the power to do three important things: discover hidden issues, recover from negativity, and improve your business.



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