How to Find and Connect with Philippine Influencers in Your Market


Some say that online entrepreneurs only need to tame Google in order to achieve success. Well, you’d have to excuse them. They’re probably loners.

When it comes to inKloutMemebound marketing, you’d have to create connections – with people, not search engines. In other words, you’d face the need to get in touch with influencers. Unfortunately though, convincing personalities to talk about your offerings isn’t as easy as sending baskets of puppies. Still, if you’d like learn the most effective ways of finding and connecting with influencers, you only have to read on.


The Benefits of Bonding

How excited are you to discover the best influen-search strategies? Should you worry if your answer isn’t filled with enthusiasm? Of course, you shouldn’t. After broadening your knowledge about the perks of building bonds with influencers though, you’d surely be brimming with eagerness.

  • An Increase in Traffic – if you’ve managed to gain the support of influential individuals on the web, then your website would definitely gain a boost in sheer traffic. The mere existence of Adly and twtMob is sufficient proof that businesses benefit from the click-inducing power of personalities. After all, such companies make money by doing one thing – setting up tweet-promotion deals between influencers and corporate leaders.

Celebrities are traffic generators (both on roads and websites)

  • Cost-Free Advantages – unlike those that rely on social-media-endorsement firms, your business would eventually be able to grab the attention of online celebrities (and hopefully, garner recommendations) without being pulled down by expenses. This also means that your brand would soon enter the minds of thousands and even millions of Filipino netizens through the psyche-penetrating, cost-free power of reposts and retweets.


Best Techniques Around       

Now that you’ve realized just how advantageous it is to “hunt” personalities, it’s time for you to discover some of the finest ways of locating the most influential Filipinos on the Marketing-InteractionInfluencersweb.

  • Tool of Convenience – it’s true that pinpointing popular people who could give your entrepreneurial endeavors a boost is sometimes as simple as visiting FollowerWonk. The website has a “Search Twitter Bios” function, which gives you the chance to either look for the highest-ranking Twitter users in the Philippines or search for those who really matter in your niche. You’d also be pleased to know that the site doesn’t just reveal follower numbers, but also provides details on social authority and tweet quantity.
  • An Authority Analysis – among the many influencer-evaluation tools on the web, Klout is probably the most frequently discussed. Some social-media gurus are saying that the algorithms used to run it are very much exploitable, while others say that such computation rules are synonymous with thoroughness. Regardless of which perspective is right, it’s obvious that Klout is still among the easiest authority-analysis services to use and thus you have no excuse but to utilize it in your personality-search pursuits.
  • Websites and Details – when thinking of the word “influencers”, you wouldn’t even come up with thoughts about Alexa. It’s undeniable however, that traffic data could also be used to trace individuals who might just help you out in reaching more consumers. All you have to do is to use Alexa’s own search function to look for Philippine blogs in your industry and afterwards visit some of the top-rated ones. While browsing such high-traffic blogs, click on the “about us” links to add a few more personalities to your list.

Alexa = useful in more ways than one

  • Professional Identity – once again, you should consider checking sites that aren’t really designed to make your influencer-finding endeavors much more convenient. Specifically, you must visit LinkedIn and use it’s very own search tool (just key in the name of your niche and add Philippines after it). Soon enough, you’d have a seemingly-endless list of potential influencers. If the list’s length confuses you, then you’d only have to use a few search filters to make it much more specific and useful.
  • A Real-World Method – while you’re correct in believing that most ways of finding personalities involve the use of a computer, you shouldn’t assume that you’ll never have to carry out real-world approaches. In particular, if a big event in your industry would soon be held, then you have to do your best to attend it. By doing so, you’d have the opportunity to find out more about some of the most prominent individuals in your business sector and maybe, you’d even strike a conversation with them.


Build Connections, Easily

Right after realizing just how effortless it is to pinpoint influencers, you’d most likely ponder upon one important question: are there connection-building guidelines that are also easy enough to follow? Of course, there are.

  • Engage the Public – it’s safe to say that personalities are intrigued by the same things that capture the public’s attention. In this sense, you’d only have to do your best to continuously come up with interesting (or useful) posts and tweets. While you might not directly pique the interests of an influential individual, churning out top-quality, share-worthy content is a surefire way of encouraging others to mention your content to “celebrities”.
  • On the Investment – your business wouldn’t matter (and probably stay invisible) to netizens if it doesn’t have a well-developed social-media presence. This just means that before you even try to interact with influencers, you have to garner numerous fans and followers. Most importantly, you’d have to facilitate meaningful discussions that would make netizens (which includes personalities) to go to your page to read, think, and reply.
The Influencers Landscape.

The Influencers Landscape.

Conversations could turn you into an influencer

  • Relate and Reward – there’s a more aggressive (two-step) way of gaining the support of influencers. First, you’d have to keep track of their posts and tweets until you’ve become familiar with their interests and the kind of comments that they respond to. Second and last, you’d have to come up with replies that add value to conversations. Once you’ve become a helpful fan or follower, you’d most likely be rewarded with recognition.


Paul’s Last Words: Influen-Search Success

As you’ve discovered throughout this write-up, it isn’t difficult to find personalities who could indirectly bestow better sales upon your business. Likewise, you’ve also found out that building bonds with influencers is far from challenging. You’d have to keep in mind though, that the entire find-and-connect pursuit takes time to accomplish. So, what are you waiting for? If you really want to achieve success in advertising your company the inbound way, you need to act right now and “target” the most influential people in your industry (or in the Philippines).

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