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How to Create an Epic SlideShare Presentation for Filipinos

Every day, people manage to catch other people’s attention. Remember the Love Bug? The guy responsible for it is now working for Microsoft. What about Facebook? You know what Mark Zuckerberg did and how it got him attention. And yes: who would forget the girl in the #Amalayer fame and the guy involved ...

Updated Keyword Research Strategies for 2013 in the Philippines

  Keywords – these are considered the search engines’ magic words. With the perfect recipe, keywords are a great tool to improve page rankings.

The Complete Guide of Creating an Online Brand Strategy in the Philippines

In focus: Jollibee and McDonald’s. Both offer the same types of products. Both are found almost always side by side with each other. And sometimes, you walk inside Mcdonalds and confidently blurt out: “One Chickenjoy please!” In another part of the country, Business A and B are on a head on competition. ...

13 Fatal Mistakes of Social Media Marketing in the Philippines

“I’m getting married!” says a status update from your best friend’s Facebook account. It would be your moment as the best man, too! But the post was seen by 500 people and written in one of the comments is: “Juan is my best man.” You are not Juan. A post from a college mate says, “See you ...

Stealing Content – Is More Fun in the Philippines!

Everybody steals content – especially Filipino entrepreneurs! We’re a bit discerning though – we only steal quality content because what would you do with a bad one? Nothing.

7 Simple Tweaks of Linking Urgency With Your Offers

One of the hardest tasks Philippine entrepreneurs face every single day is how to make people act favorably and with dispatch on their offers.

8 Surefire Tactics of Developing a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy

There was a point in time in the past when print media circulation was low in the Philippines and distribution was restricted only to the big cities.

Online Marketing Action Plan for Travel Agencies in the Philippines

As the world economy continues to improve, travel trends are also expected to pick up fast and fuel the growth of the travel agencies industry worldwide.

Identifying Long Tail Keywords in the Philippines [For PPC Ads]

Prior to discussing long tail keywords, it’s important to first talk about PPC or pay per click. Many Filipino businesses owners are using this today, relying on the technique to boost their ranking and reel in additional prospects. Like article marketing, PPC utilizes keywords to have effective ads. ...

How to use Closed Loop Marketing for Philippine Companies

Closed loop marketing may sound complex the first time, but it’s actually one of the most common strategies being used by businesses today, even in the Philippines. In fact, the technique of closed loop isn’t confined to just internet marketing but has been a refuge for many land-based ventures.
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