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Using Gamification in Your Internet Marketing Strategies

Is your business in any way related to internet/website traffic? Does your job title include anything to do with optimizing a website for maximum traffic? Do you want to make more out of your internet-based business?

How to Use the Mindset Divide to Effectively Tailor Your Marketing Message

The Mindset Divide explains how people use social networks differently for personal and professional purposes, based on a study conducted by social networking site LinkedIn in collaboration with market research firm TNS.

How Social Media Promotes Collaboration

Social media is not just a great way to build relationships anymore but also a way to foster collaboration online between groups of people even if they are separated by distance. Here are some of the ways that social media help people collaborate.

Tips on Creating an Effective Online Poll for List Building

If done correctly, online polls can be a very effective way of building your email list. After all, people love giving their opinions on any topic under the sun, and an online poll allows them to do so in a convenient way.

Elements of a Successful Landing Page

Once you have caught your visitor’s attention when they get on your website’s landing page, you want them to stay long enough and eventually buy or avail of what you are offering instead of turning away.  A landing page, therefore, is more than just a place to welcome your visitors.

Reading, Learning and Testing – It’s the Secret!

Creativity is what differentiates marketers from sellers.  As one of them, you need to optimize your creative side to come up with unique ways of promoting your business.  But, remember that your creative efforts may not see immediately quantifiable results.

Of Ads and Timings: the Need to Attain Business Success

I always tell people that timing is crucial. Indeed, it would be vital to pay attention to the significance of sales statistics and audience characteristics when planning an advertising schedule.

Having a Wikipedia Entry About Your Brand

You’re right.  Most companies are now rushing to get their brands known through Wikipedia.  Why won’t they? It makes their brands rank significantly higher in search engines more than any other sources.

The CPM Option in Facebook Ads – Is It the Better Option?

Facebook has become an increasingly attractive site to run ads because of the sheer number of visitors that use the site. There are some 150 million unique visitors to Facebook daily, representing a great opportunity to attract traffic to your site, as well as being a rich source of prospects that can ...

Power of Pinterest: a New Opportunity for Filipino Entrepreneurs

To be honest, I’ve been thinking about Pinterest’s advertising potential for quite some time. After all, the image-sharing website is quickly becoming one of the most frequently-visited places on the web.
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