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Cyber Bullying in the Philippines

Cyber bullying in the Philippines is a very real thing –  with millions of people being connected to the internet in the country, everyone can fall prey.

Killer Cover Photo Ideas for Your Facebook Page

I remember when Facebook first came out with Timeline – everyone hated it and tried their best to delay the conversion of their profiles.

How’s Your PPC Campaign Doing? Three Ways to Check

Pay per click campaigns are a good choice for small businesses with limited advertising budgets, since it allows them to target their message directly to leads who are genuinely interested in what they have to sell. Unfortunately, it also carries with it some risks, such as the possibility that just ...

Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online

If you want to make money online, there are only two major ways to do it: one is to monetize your site and the other is to become an affiliate and market a vendor’s products using your site. Let’s take a closer look at these two methods to see how they can be accomplished. Monetizing Your Site This ...

Keyword Spamming is Still Widely Practiced by Filipinos

According to many SEO experts, keyword spamming remains a prevalent black hat practice in the Philippines. One example of keyword spamming is repeating a particular keyword or set of keywords over and over again on a web page, even when it no longer makes sense. For example, if you are targeting the ...

Seven Tips for Protecting Your Brand’s Online Reputation

If you have not Googled your company lately, you may be in for a shock at what you find. Filipinos love to talk, and they may be talking about you and not in a positive way. So now, you’re facing a reputation problem as one negative comment gets picked up in the echo chamber that is the Internet. Now ...

Seven Top Tips for Surviving Google’s Icy Penguin Slaps

“Have you been slapped by Penguin?” is something that many website owners have been asking ever since Google’s update went into effect and started affecting the search engine rankings of erring sites. While Google estimates that only 3% of English search queries would be affected, this would be ...

September 2012 Top Keyword Trends in the Philippines

Presenting the top keyword trends in the Philippines for September 2012… Check it out here!

Fishing for Local Clients in Sulit

For most Filipino netizens, “Sulit” is synonymous with online bargains.

How to Use Social Bookmarking Sites to Your Advantage

How should social bookmarking sites be used to boost an online business?
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