10 Clever Ways to build your Google Author Rank in the Philippines


Google Author Rank pretty much explains itself. Think of it as an online copyright wherein all your blog posts, Twitter updates and website articles are officially credited to you by Google.

To build your GAR, you need to be part of the Google+ network and start linking your content. This creates an archive that Google will use to determine author rank. Typically, there are three major factors considered when deciding on your rank:

  • Your content
  • The reach of your content
  • How much you love pizza


Benefits of building your Google Authorship in the Philippines

From a content creator’s point of view, the benefits of Google Rank are pretty much straightforward as it gives them the right to their own generated content. Think: plagiarism preventive.

However, this is Google we’re talking about which means you get more benefits by making use of GAR in your internet marketing campaign. See, Google also uses GAR to find out which web pages deserves priority while others get chucked in the back.

For example, let’s say two bloggers decide to do a review about the latest Iron Man movie. The first blogger has been reviewing movies for years while the second one is just starting out. What Google does is consider all the authored articles of both bloggers and find out which’s opinion carries more weight. Obviously, it’s the one who has been reviewing movies for years. With this verdict, Google will have no problem facing blogger number 1 within the top page search results.


See that handsome face? It's part of the Google Authorship program.

See that handsome face? It’s part of the Google Authorship program.


10 ways to Build Google Author Rank for Effective SEO

Successfully publishing one or ten articles isn’t enough to build your author rank – Google takes several factors into consideration. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

1-   Be consistent when publishing content. It should be done on a regular basis with posts directly related to your niche. Keywords are important, but a natural flow to your content counts more. At least once a week, you should be able to publish one quality-packed content that will generate views from your public.

2-   Make good use of Google+. The 9gag community makes fun of this site, but it’s actually widely utilized for GAR. Any likes and shares you get through Google+ will be counted. Don’t be discouraged by the “ghost town” jokes because marketing-wise, it’s one of the most powerful tools there is.

3-   Mention reputable websites in your content such as the New York Times or Inquirer.net, the WWF or other well-known and trusted organizations. This makes your content more “trustworthy” and boosts your rank as an expert in the field.

4-   Don’t forget the keywords. Even with GAR, you need to use popular keywords for easy identification. Note though that quality of the content is still important so don’t just stuff keywords in and hope for the best.

5-   Get a cool-looking headshot. Studies show that author headshots actually affect the response of the readers to your article. Hire a professional photographer if necessary in order to get the kind of image you want to portray.Author-Rank

6-   Perform some easy linking to get everything synchronized. Place a link from your profile page on Google+ to the author biography in your website. Now add a link from your bio page to the Google+ profile using a rel=”me” tag. Lastly, create a link from your content to the bio page using the rel=”author” tag link. This is called 3-way linking and should make it easier for Google to trace your authorship. You can also try a 2-way link wherein you simply create a connection between Google+ to your blog and from your content to the Google+ profile. Lastly, don’t forget to have your email verified by Google.

7-   Network with other authors in your niche. The goal is to find other people who have high authorship ranking in Google+ and connect with them. This should make it easier for you to share quality content with each other. Don’t stop at Google+, other social media websites like Facebook and Twitter will also count.

8-   Improve you website overall. The PageRank of the website you’re submitting to will also matter so make sure that it’s fully SEO optimized.

9-   Be open for guest bloggers and become one yourself. This is not just a simple link building strategy as most people seem to think. The truth is that by becoming a guest author, you are basically exposing yourself to a wider market and establishing your authority over the subject. Not just that but it allows you to build a relationship between your peers which should be helpful in the long run.

10-  Communicate with your followers. Filipino clients/customers always needs spoon-feeding. Take the time to read through feedbacks and provide replies. This is not only tracked by Google but it also helps build your reputation with the market. Through consistent talks, you’d be able to establish a good reputation with the readers as well which could pave the way for mentions, links and other website-boosting activities.


Paul’s Last Words: Start publishing great content!

To sum it up, Google Author Ranking is all about determining whether or not you’re the type of person who can be trusted when it comes to a specific niche. The GAR system is basically a systematic approach in determining whether you’re believable or not.

Although there are several ways for you to improve GAR, there really are just three basic guidelines to keep in mind here which are:

  • Creating QUALITY content
  • Claiming authorship
  • Promoting and sharing

Once you’ve managed to create something of quality, make sure that you are recognized as the author. This is important especially with plagiarism constantly being done online. Quality articles often sell themselves and get noticed without too much effort on your part. To make sure that this contributes to your author reputation however, share it, improve it and promote it. Don’t forget that Google is well known for their constant updates so always be aware of any changes so you can get with the times.



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