15 Simple Tricks in Playing with your Data in Google Analytics


google analytics memeBelieve it or not, the smartest guys nowadays are into “watching figures”. They relish open-mouthed at such amazing “figures” and invest countless hours to leave no stones unturned and get their hands on them.

Well, they actually ogle and goggle at Google Analytics to manage their website metrics and get more people aware of goodies they offer online.

Fortunately, this area is not exclusively “for the boys” because the gals are also putting in their chips to get a crack at the very competitive “metric wars”. After all, in the Google Generation, the gender parity has practically been deleted, so to speak, and everyone gets a fair chance to analyze and adjust their data based on trends and statistics. As long as you know how to play with the figures, you are all set to move up on top of the fold.

As far as Google Analytics go, the numbers speak not just about trends and stats. Looking at the numbers closely in the context of your site will reveal a ton of significant data which can help optimize how your site ranks in the search results page. This is where analysis pays off. This is where playing with the figures count. Here are 15 CLEAN tips you may consider about your metrics to help direct more traffic to your site and keep ‘em coming:


  • Convert site statistics to ideas which will generate more traffic for your site

Statistics for the past month provide clues in terms of how users utilize recent information from your site. From here, site owners get a fairly good concept about how newer posts are received by web visitors. Meanwhile, for sites which have been around for a year or so, historical traffic trend hints owners about site stability as well as the types of products, services, or information campaigns that users are more interested in. Inputs from the analysis can help you come up with information and posts that will cater more to the needs of web visitors, which in turn will drive more visits and page views to your site.


  • Page view statistics are important, but these figures should be translated into user engagementgoogle analytics goals

It will always be nice to see that your web pages generated a lot of page views, look deeper. Are your web visitors engaged? Just like guys who catch a glance of a babe with whistle-bait figures, make them stare and watch. If the babe turned out to be a non-babe, these guys will certainly look away to look for real babes. Focus on web pages not just with many page views but pages where users stayed considerably longer. Examine what kind of information you have on these pages; these are the information that is useful to your web visitors. Provide more related information on those topics.


  • Pay attention to your site information which users share through social media

Guys look at a lot of pretty babes on the street or in the workplace. When a guy talks intently about this certain babe with the whole gang, he must be real captivated with the lady. Gain insight from your posts or articles which site visitors share with their friends on social media. Friends usually have common interests and once they click the share button, that post will most certainly click with their friends too. Use this stat as a preview to what kind of information visitors find useful from your site and build a larger fan base or generate more traffic.


  • Build site traffic from both the good and not so good site statistics

Google wouldn’t bother with the bounce rate if this metric is insignificant. Be as keen in reviewing web pages from your site with high bounce rates. Sometimes, it is a matter of the keyword used, but often, bounce rates reflect something negative about a page such as very slow loading due to too many images or videos or poor web design that visitors find the layout confusing.


  • AdSense metrics is more than just money 

AdSense statistics particularly help site owners identify which posts or articles had high converted click through rates. This stat connotes high traffic. Related or very similar topics promise good reception from site users. Develop more posts or articles along the same theme as those pages reported by AdSense metrics with high click through conversion rates. You don’t just make more money, you invite more traffic this way.


  • User location stats can tip you off with possible site improvements to increase traffic

Most sites are in English and English is accepted as one of the world’s top languages. However, non-English speaking countries may be interested in what your site’s got to offer but the language barrier is preventing users from being fully engaged in your site. If your site has a high bounce rate in such countries, try to configure your site with a translated version in their native language. The bounces can be translated into engaged users for all you know.


  • Browser stats can reveal needed site adjustmentsbrowser stats google analytics

Compare web browser stats with bounce rate, exit rates, and user engagements. Users land to your site rarely by mistake. In all probability, they thought your site got what they need. Chances are, some configuration in your site prevented them from getting the info they need. Browser compatibility, cross-platform independence or some bugs or glitches in your configuration may need some adjustments. Time is ticking and you need to work this out fast.


  • Keyword stats can facilitate higher traffic

Not everyone has the perfect judgement about what the best keywords to type for their search all of the time. Looking at what keywords users typed when they landed to your site can help you improve the SEO of your content by considering such keywords. Optimize your chances of generating more traffic by incorporating these user keywords for both old and new content. Edit old post and create new content considering keyword metrics from Google Analytics. Website traffic flow stats can show better opportunities for more traffic.


  • Website traffic flow stats can show better opportunities for more traffic

By taking time to analyze traffic flow of users to your site, you can enhance traffic given a clear idea in which set or block of web pages users predominantly navigate when they visit your site. Google identifies this with the thick lines in their report. Study this flow and make improvements based on what the traffic pattern reveals. Just like motor traffic engineers, analyze user flow into your site map. Motor traffic analysts decongest traffic on the streets, whereas your SEO experts venture to draw more traffic to your pages.


  • Analyzing backlinks can serve as inputs for enhancing your optimization strategies

Equally important as traffic flow in your site is the source of traffic to your site. Google Analytics provide you this information. Knowing the referral sites that drove traffic to your site can help you draw up better and improved back-linking strategies.

You do not actually have control over other sites for taking the initiative to refer your site on theirs. However, as long as you have top-quality content, you can always request other blogs or websites to consider your site as a referral in theirs and you can also do the same for their site. Just be wary about endorsing other blogs or sites in referrals. Ensure that you only backlink with sites featuring authoritative content. Quality is paramount over quantity even backlink-wise.


  • Check your website speed statsgoogle speed

Internet users live on the fast lane. Check your website speed and ask your web administrator to optimize loading speed. Sometimes, it’s not just the images and videos that are causing latency.


  • Explore your in-page analytics

Google is good enough to let you know how your site visitors interact with your web-pages. You get tips about your site layout, if users view your site as you designed it, if they find the info they need and which links are being used. In-page analytics also provide data pertaining product campaign websites or similar site which require users to perform an action.


  • Implement custom search feature in your site

Think of this Google feature as a mini search engine for your own site. This does not only help users find the info they need on your site. The keywords they type in this custom search feature offer you clues of what keywords they type. Use these keyword stats as discussed earlier in this article.


  • Try A/B testing 

If your Google metrics are giving you forebodings of dismal traffic for three or more months, already, it may be high time to redesign your site. With the A/B testing, you get two sites with similar content but different layout and design. Google then splits website visitors between these two sites to find out which of sites A and B are getting more traffic.


  • Consider your users from mobile devices

Ensure that your mobile users are able to view and use your site optimally. With the proliferation of retina display for mobile phones, see to it that your web design features are compatible with such screens and other Internet browsing features of mobile phones.


Paul’s Last Words:

Figure watching with Google Analytics comes in handy with the slickest and cleanest tricks to optimize your site for traffic. All you need is a good eye for these trends and stats. Analyze them and play them in your favor. You can’t sit around ogling and goggling at these figures. Get hold of such marvelous figures yourself. Make them come to you!


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