6 Survival Tactics Against Google’s Penguin 2.0 Update in the Philippines

 Years back, we experienced Google’s Kung Fu with Panda. And now, we have Google Penguin. Now, maybe you are thinking: Should you have some units on veterinary medicine just to master Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and top those search engines?

Penguin 2.0 has been unleashed.

Penguin 2.0 has been unleashed.

The answer is quite obvious – definitely not. As opposed to the unruly nature of animals, Google Penguin sets a new and stricter set of rules that everyone who wishes to be ranked for SEO should be familiar with and follow. What is the latest update (Google Penguin 2.0) all about, by the way?

Simply put, Penguin 2.0 is yet to change the rules of the game again in the Philippines. It aims to detect websites that uses blackhat SEO techniques and ultimately, punish them. If you are not into blackhat, you should not be that worried. As you already know, BH Techniques are highly discouraged because these do not follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

The original Penguin (Penguin 1.0) was launched in April 2012. It caused confusion among Filipino online marketers because the adjustments were quite drastic. Many websites fell in the rankings. And a brand new era has begun in the world of SEO.

In order to survive the Google Penguin 2.0 update, Matt Cutts, Google’s main man, gives a simple advice: put up a website that is great and will be loved by users. The best way to survive is to make your website compelling and worth visiting again and again.


How Google Penguin Changed the [SEO] World

Here are some tidbits of trivia about Google Penguin and how it led to massive adjustment on the part of internet marketers and SEO practitioners in the Philippines and worldwide.

  • At least 2.3 percent of US-English queries online was affected by Google Penguin. It may appear to be small, but come to think of it, Google receives at least 5 billion searches
    Several websites plunges down after 2.0.

    Several websites plunges down after 2.0.

    every 24 hours. Hey, 2.3 percent of 5 billion is not insignificant after all! And looking at the implications, the resulting traffic after the implementation of Penguin caused a lot of hullabaloos which left lasting impacts to large and small scale online businesses worldwide. The scenario was described as “catastrophic” by some Filipino entrepeneurs.

  • Even queries in languages other than US-English were deeply affected by Penguin. Hundreds of millions of searches done in different languages were subjected to the algorithm of Google’s new rules. This is Google’s one way of suggesting that they are truly against webspamming.
  • From Google Penguin 1.0 to 2.0, significant changes were implemented in the algorithm. And yes, more Penguins are expected to come. Every single time, according to the webmaster, Penguin becomes more detailed and intricate in detecting pages that have violations.

And the changes are not about to stop here. Google admits that there will be future updates and upgrades on the part of Penguin.


Facts about Penguin 2.0 and Six Ways on How to Survive It

Without much ado, here’s what you need to remember in order to survive Penguin 2.0:

1.) Put your attention on integrating natural or real links as well as real link parameter. Here are some old practices that you should avoid:

  • Buying links from sites that are not related
  • Building links that lead to your target website that have spammy nature and unfavourable integrity
  • Creating links from unrelated websites
  • Link over-optimization, frequent use of anchor text, and unnatural linkbaiting

2.) Have a deeper understanding of your website’s nature and profile. In order to do this, the following might be helpful:

  • There are applications that can help you in brand integration. For example, SEOmoz points to external pages that can legitimately link to your website. With this, you can do a quick analysis of domains and pages that link to your website.
  • Other tools and applications, on the other hand can easily bust low-quality links that point out websites that can badly hurt your ranking.
  • Continuously do the “clean-up” to eliminate bad links.

3.) Surviving Penguin 2.0 teaches a very important lesson: Create meaningful and valuable relationships. This cannot be bought by any amount.

  • Create partnerships with relevant partner sites that offer high quality content. This will help you survive and be on top of the SEO game.
  • A meaningful backlink is always better than 10 irrelevant ones.
  • Relevant relationships can transcend any algorithm change. Even if more Penguins are set to invade the World Wide Web, you can be confident that meaningful relationships are there to stay.

4.) Remove spammy pages within your website. It has been pointed out that you should do away with external links that lead to spammy content. However, you should also do your part. Do some cleaning internally.
5.) Use Google’s Disavow Tool on a regular basis. This tool will help you identify inbound links that are quite spammy. Upon identification, make sure to remove them right away.
6.) Engaging in a brand new campaign for inbound building of links proves to be helpful in improving one’s search engine ranking. Make sure to identify your website only with partners that have already won Google’s trust.

Simple and effective, aren’t they? Now, you can be confident that you can rank higher the next time your use the Google Search button.


Paul’s Last Words: Penguin 2.0 Survival

After all the chaos and confusion, you can say that the Penguin updates actually mean well. They only want to make sure that the general population only gets what they deserve every time they visit the World Wide Web. Gone were the days when blackhat SEO gives you the competitive edge. Right now, it is all about quality content – so, you should stick to that. Playing by the rules is really easy if you know how to generate quality content and build partnerships with Google-trusted websites.

In summary, it really is about knowing the rules. In order for your website to survive the future tides that Penguin updates may bring, make sure to constantly consult Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Knowing the rules and forming a virtual rubric out of it will help you do away with the worries.

And yes, the best tip is to create quality content. That tip is worth repeating.


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