8 State-of-the-art Local Link Building Strategies in the Philippines


Link building – it’s a tough, nutty job for a Filipino but someone’s got to do it. Now you might argue that it’s just a simple process but in the grand scheme of things, link building is something that burns off most of your time. It’s worth it though as many international SEO companies will tell you.

SEO and Link Building

Simply put, link building is the creation of links in different websites that leads directly to your own. Imagine posting a link in Facebook about your website – that’s link building right there. It’s an important component of Search Engine Optimization and is actually one of the factors weighed by Google when considering the relevance of your website.


Local Link Building for Philippine Companies

Local link building is often ignored by new website owners because of an old school idea that popular websites are better. For example, if you’re selling German Shepherd puppies within

A well placed link in an effective content channel. :)

A well placed link in an effective content channel. 🙂

Metro Manila, chances are you’d link to wiki entries of “German Shepherds” and “Manila”. Why not? Wiki systems are high ranking websites which effectively boosts your ranking as well (Except for Wikipedia).

The problem here is that – your competitors know this as well. Wiki sites and other major websites are too easy and saturated. What you need is something more, preferably something that your competitors DO NOT HAVE. Gaining on the competition is just one of the reasons for local link building though. For PH companies, here are additional boosts of why going local can help your standing.


  • Google is well known for changing its ranking policies every now and then – just to shake things up. This can be disastrous for many businesses, often bumping their websites off organic searches. Local link building will serve as your solid base, allowing you to survive through the change and suffer little.
  • Diversification is a golden rule when it comes to investing and the same holds true for marketing. Don’t put everything you have in article marketing or YouTube videos. Invest in link baiting and further diversify by linking to local websites.
  • Linking to local companies can help you create a rapport with other ventures relevant to your service. This connection can prove to be useful in the long run, perhaps allowing you to partner up in pursuit of a common goal.
  • Lastly, local link building can help turn visits to sales. The fact is that most people like to hire local companies for whatever job they need done. The sense of security is often reinforced through a local provider since they have the option of going to the place of business or meeting you face to face. Of course – your business may not be located locally and you are simply using local links to boost your status. That’s OK too as studies show that this can still positively affect the conversion rates.


8 Strategies for Local Link Building

Leaving links all over the internet – regardless of their relevance – is not a good strategy for link building. This will only distort your goal and leave Google confused. Imagine putting a search on “puppies for sale Manila”. If you’ve got links to non-relevant websites, chances are Google will just pass you over for something more targeted to the query. Think of it as a bad grade pulling down your good ones.

So what is good link building? As I’ve already mentioned – relevance is the keyword here. To better than competition however – you need to be more than relevant. This is where all the strategies come in:


  • Google Maps – make a custom map with different landmarks or points of interest. Take the embed code and edit it, removing the link for Google Maps and replacing your own link.
    Use G's Local Services for optimum online reach in your area.

    Use G’s Local Services for optimum online reach in your area.

    This way, this particular point of interest would lead directly to your website.

  • Get Reviews from Local Bloggers – the blogging community is often unnoticed, but they do have some clout when it comes to link building. Search engines like Google love the randomness often found in blogs and more often than not, blogs have a solid set of followers. You can try asking a fairly popular local blogger to do a review on your product and post a link on their domain.
  • Be Active in Local Social Media – social media marketing is finally getting the attention it deserves.
  • Look for Mentions – Google yourself and find out if there are others talking about you – in a positive light of course! You can try setting up a Google Alert for your name to give you the heads up for any mention. Once you’ve located the source, try calling them up and asking them to link to you.
  • Interlink – make use of your posts and pages by interlinking new articles with old ones. It’s a great way to drive readers toward old pages but more importantly – it lets you control EVERYTHING about the link including your anchor texts. Make sure to scan your domain for anything relevant.
  • Local Magazines – look for a local magazine’s website and ask if it’s possible for you to contribute something to their articles. You can also try becoming a guest writer in blogs.
  • Hitch on a Trend – Filipinos couldn’t resist the lure of a meme, a celebrity, a scandal or basically anything that’s “in”. You can try hitching on the popularity but make sure it’s relevant.
  • Link to Us – not everyone is tech savvy so don’t make it hard for them. Create a “Link to Us” page so that link baiting becomes easier for your targeted websites.


See how hard link baiting is? It requires creativity on your part as well as lots of time. Keep in mind that link baiting isn’t a one-time thing. Instead, it’s a continuous process done in an effort to keep ahead of the competition.

Build your brand reputation and quality links will come naturally. :)

Build your brand reputation and quality links will come naturally. 🙂


Summation of Strategies

As the internet becomes bigger, website owners like yourself are presented with more chances to get creative on link baiting. Regardless of what strategy you use in the future however, the

most important factor to keep in mind is RELEVANCE. You also have to make sure that you’re providing quality content. What would be the point of linking to your website if you haven’t got anything good to offer?

Choose where you link wisely and BUILD A RAPPORT with the people you’re linking with. Yes, it’s possible for you to just link willy-nilly – why not? But with the added rapport, you can also build a reputation within the community through your “friends”.  Remember, it’s called link “building” because the process is continuous so don’t get too comfortable with what you have.

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