8 Remarkable Mobile SEO Strategies in the Philippines



Everybody has a smartphone, even the takatak guys at Tondo. Deal with it, you need to innovaaaAAAaaate dude!

Since Filipino businesses do their best to go where the market is, the need for mobile optimized websites is no longer an option but rather a necessity. The fact is that if you want to be ahead of the competition – you need to make your website mobile search friendly for Filipino users of all classes, the rich, the poor or the jologs.


Why Mobile Search?mobile seo manila

Studies have shown that there’s been more than 40% penetration of smart phones in the United States as well as Europe. With most establishments equipped with wireless service, all it takes is an internet-capable phone in order to log in online. This makes it easier for people to access search engines and look for answers to their queries through the internet.

Studies have also shown that by the end of 2013, there will be more than 130 million people using the mobile web. That’s just the statistics for the United States however – the numbers for worldwide mobile web users is definitely bigger, providing businesses with better opportunities IF they become mobile friendly.

Simply put – a large chunk of your clients are going mobile. You need to be there.

Advantages of Mobile Web Optimization

The combination of easy access to the tools and connections increases the chances of people opting for mobile browsing compared to using their computer units. However, proximity is not the only thing you’ve got going for you.


8 Remarkable Ways to Optimize your Mobile Website


The first step towards the future of marketing is through the creation of a mobile website. Once you’ve got that up and running however – BAM! what’s next exactly? Here are the top 8 ways you can optimize your mobile website to make it more visibly awweeesssoommmmeee during related searches.


  1. Keep your Site Uber Mobile Friendly – Despite the bigger screen size of smart phones, they’re still nowhere near your laptop or desktop’s screen size. For this mobile seo philippinesreason, you need to think “smaller” and create a domain specifically for mobile use. This means something that loads fast which translates to more text and less pictures. Your goal is to present only the information necessary – all the bells and whistles that usually come with a full sized website should be removed.
  2. Make it Responsive – A good way to make sure that your mobile website is user-friendly is by making it responsive. Basically, this means that the website “adjusts” depending on what kind of device it will be show in. Magic? Not really. The domain is specially configured to detect the device in use whether it’s an iPhone, a tablet or a desktop computer. Once detected, the website adjusts its layout so that it can be seen properly through the screen. What’s great about this is that you only need to index and rank one website, allowing you to accumulate more props for the domain. Basically, that’s a great reputation booster for Google and other search engines.
  3. Use Lesser Keywords – Keep in mind that when using phones, we like to shorten our words and phrases. The same holds true for mobile searches. Although the words don’t turn out “lyk dis”, the keywords are shortened to about 25% of their original length. For example, you might type “how to find best luxury watches” through a computer search but for a mobile search, the keywords are broken down to “find luxury watches”. For that reason, you need to think “mobile” and opt for keywords that are easier to type using mobile phones. A good tip – use local search words. Studies show that mobile web use is more prevalent on local searches.
  4. Optional Content – This is much like the “responsive” technique but with your content. Basically, what happens here is that the website “recognizes” the gadget being used to open it up and loads content accordingly. For example, if it’s being accessed through a computer then all the images, videos, bells and whistles get to be on screen. If you’re accessing through a mobile however, all the heavy content is screened out so loading becomes faster. The magic here is that they’re all accessed from the same URL so you don’t have to worry about making a separate site. This technique’s a bit harder to do though but with a good web specialist willing to sit down for 12 hours straight, this is perfectly possible!
  5. Use Predictive Text – You should be familiar with this since it happens so much when using iPhones. Choose predictive texts when setting up your mobile website so that lazy mobile owners simply need to hit “OK” to start their search. As already mentioned, mobile searchers don’t want to enter extensive key phrases so something predictable will surely grow on them. With this thought in mind, you should jump in the process immediately to get a hold of the most profitable predictive texts before the competition gets them!
  6. Don’t Forget to Check! – Remember, there are different mobile devices today and each one process information differently. Although it’s virtually impossible to use them all on your mobile web, you can at least try by using different brands to check your website. Is it loading properly or are there some problems with the brand? Check, recheck, and correct!
  7. No Pop Ups Please – You’re probably trying to create a mailing list or getting people to download your app and that’s a great business move. However, mobile web searchers aren’t really keen on making that extra “click” on your web in order to get to the good stuff. Even worse, roadblocks like these turns off Google, basically turning your mobile website into a “Don’t Go Here” zone. Apps are great – but save them for your full-scale websites.
  8. Review What you’ve Got – Since internet marketing strategies change from time to time, it’s important to always move with the changes. Make sure that you remain updated with the latest information about mobile optimization. Sign up for newsletters or make a habit of visiting news websites to stay ahead of the competition.


Paul’s Last Words:

Don’t forget to always promote your mobile website through your full-scale model. Frequent visitors to your domain can easily remember this information and decide to check it out while thumbing their brand new smart phone.



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