9 Cool Sources to Research Your Keywords for Your SEO Campaigns


You’re probably stuck in doing one important thing: finding new keywords that could boost your profits even further.

keyword research memeHave you ever wondered though, why you’re having no progress at all? It’s because your mind is like a clam and it’s completely shut from new ideas. If you’d like to stop being a mollusk, then you’d have to open up slowly and digest this fact: relying on Google’s keyword-finding tool isn’t the only option. Let’s discover some of the coolest word-search strategies which you can also use here in the Philippines.


The Unorthodox Power

Do you have doubts while reading this? Are you thinking that unorthodox techniques would just be a waste of time? Well, that means you’re still a clam and your shell should be forcibly broken open – using logic, of course. Here are some reasons why not going mainstream is a smart move:

  • Avoiding the Same Perspective – quite probably, you’ve been mainly relying on the information provided by Google’s own keyword-finding tool. While doing so would surely make you aware of the most-searched terms on the web, you’d also end up having the same knowledge as most searchers. Using a rat
    Everybody in the affiliate marketing niche are competing for the same keywords.

    Everybody in the affiliate marketing niche are competing for the same keywords.

    her uncommon word-search method on the other hand, would make you learn about things that only a few know.

  • Dodging Really Intense Battles – is there any harm in focusing on roughly the same set of keywords as other people, you ask? You’d be surprised that there is. Aside from trying to compete with other small-business owners in the Philippines who might have websites with much better links and credibility ratings, you’d most likely end up fighting an uphill battle against corporate giants that have budgets allotted specifically for PPC-advertising purposes.
  • Advantage in Content Creation – aside from letting you dodge intense search-rank battles, unusual word-search strategies also make your content-creation pursuits easier. After all, you’ve already published so many articles on the same set of keywords and you’re running out of ideas, right? By attempting to pinpoint business-enhancing words through typical means, you’d end up finding terms that you haven’t written about and thus coming up with fresh write-ups should be easy


9 Cool (Weird?) Methods of Keyword Research in the Philippines

Now that you know how advantageous it is not to be like everybody else, it’s time for you to discover nine odd strategies that would surely boost your business. Without further ado, here they are:

  • Think of Popular Posts – finding new words to focus on in your SEO endeavors is sometimes as effortless as looking at the popular-posts lists of well-known websites. You should keep in mind though, that it wouldn’t be necessary to manually search every site’s contents. Using “most popular posts” as one part of a search string and the name of your industry as another would be enough for you to take advantage of Google’s web knowledge in your search.
  • Discussion-Board Gem – since you’re an entrepreneur, you should think about your consumers’ opinions. This is why discussion boards that cater to those interested in your niche should be in your browser’s bookmarks list. You’d be glad to know though, that such forums also contain fresh keywords that could give you an SEO advantage. To find the most useful words, you’d only have to check the titles of the hottest threads.
  • Wikipedia’s Useful Infofor sure, countless Filipinos rely on Wikipedia when looking for information. Well, you should use the popular curiosity-satisfier in a

    different way. By visiting websites that specifically track the most-clicked-on articles in Wikipedia, you’d definitely come across keywords that you haven’t considered before. The only downside of this strategy is that you’d have to search in random fashion.

  • Regarding a Thesaurus – as you know by now, some of the most effective word-finding strategies involve tools that aren’t really designed for SEO research. In this sense, you shouldn’t be confused upon reading this: using a thesaurus is advantageous in your quest for keywords. Whether it’s online or an actual printed copy, such an alternative-word guide will never fail you in your search for words that are similar yet slightly different from those you’ve already used.
  • The Unknown Word Lista few successful sites in your niche already benefit from the rank-improving effects of unorthodox keywords. This means that you’d
    You can always check forums for keyword ideas.

    You can always check forums for keyword ideas.

    have the chance to be a bit “parasitic” in your hunt for non-mainstream terms. Simply put, you need to download and install Firefox (if you haven’t already) and then grab the KGen add-on. This particular extension allows the browser to pinpoint and reveal the “strongest” keywords on a website.

  • Customer-Support Way – utilizing your company’s customer support services is another excellent way of identifying useful keywords. In particular, you’d have to take note of what your clients (as well as curious consumers) first ask about during calls. Likewise, you need to pay attention to the titles of their email-based queries. Both of these often contain words that also cross the minds of Filipino netizens while they’re trying to search for a product or service online.
  • The Perks of Glossaries – some sites have a very unique function, which is to look for word definitions that are posted on other websites. Given the sheer diversity of the results offered by such glossary-like information resources, you’d be able to pick a few meanings that feature interesting keywords. MetaGlossary is probably the best among these definition-finding websites, although it still has limitations when it comes to defining technical terms.
  • All about Longer Options – coming up with longer variants of business-boosting words is something that you’ve most likely done in the past. After thinking of obvious long-tail keywords however, you stopped due to the task’s increasing difficulty. Well, it’s safe to say that you’ve missed many not-so-common long-tail variants of your most-used terms and thus you need to access search-suggestion aggregators online (especially those that also track Amazon and Bing searches).
  • Of the Hottest Headlinessince you’re serious about achieving entrepreneurial success, it’s almost a certainty that you follow the latest news in your industry. This explains why you could integrate keyword-searching pursuits in your report-reading activities. All that you have to do is to pinpoint the main words that comprise the hottest headlines and write them down. After doing so, you already have a list of keywords that are popular yet not “congested”.


Paul’s Last Words: A Satisfying Progress

As you’ve discovered by reading this article, finding keywords through unorthodox means is both beneficial and easy. Most importantly though, you’ve learned about a vital business lesson: being common is – in most cases – a poor decision. Think of creative ways of researching your keywords. =)


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