Content Marketing Basics in a Snap

Sharing valuable information, not necessarily about your products and services per se, is one of the key components of effective internet marketing. This concept of content marketing capitalizes on information that is useful and relevant to your target market in order to build relationships, gain share-of-mind, build trust, and eventually generate sales revenues. In true Guerilla marketing sense, content marketing puts more premium in building relationships before focusing on revenues – the latter is intended to be a consequence of the former. If you are truly interested in internet marketing, you have to seriously consider brushing up on your content marketing basics.


The content that you should be concerned with is not just any kind of content. Your content should be carefully planned and strategically distributed if you are to derive any gains from it. Content has to be crafted in such a way that it gets your target market’s attention and persuades them into your desired action. In the online world, content can be anything from email blasts and social media posts to extensive blog articles and eBooks, to viral videos, webcasts, and podcasts. Internet marketers often use combinations of these digital content in their content marketing initiatives.

The Value of Content

The difference between effective content and useless information is in the value they hold for the target market. However useful and relevant you think your content is, if your target market does not consider it so, then it might as well be just writing on the walls. Your content should be interesting and useful to your target market for it to merit their attention. Your content fireworks and pyrotechnics should more than amuse them. It should regale them enough to want to tell the world about you. When you put out content that they can relate to and that they can use in their lives, they start trusting you and turning to you as a credible source of information. Thus, your relationship with your audience begins.

Content the Converts

The kind of content that you want is content that converts into meaningful relationships – to the level perhaps of “commercial” intimacy wherein you fill a need in your audience. There are so many pieces of information that people today are pummelled with. Through technology, they are able to filter these pieces of information to limit their exposure only to those that they need.

Even when your content manages to land your website on the top pages of the search engine results pages, your target market can just as easily click the “x” button to or the “back” button to navigate away from your site when they do not see any value in your content. Content that effectively converts into relationships are those that grab your target not by the collar but by their hearts and minds.

Content that is relevant and independent of your products and services is the kind of content that builds trust. With this kind of content, your target market will come to you as friend that they can turn to for information and advice. Once you have established a relationship of trust with your customers, they will be more willing to be persuaded into buying whatever it is you are offering.

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