eBook Writing Tips for Business Promotions

One of the popular tools that internet marketers use today to promote their products and entice people to make a purchase is the eBook. These eBooks give customers more valuable information than your product brochure. In contrast with conventional books, eBooks are more concise and are often written in a less technical manner. The goal of a killer eBook is to get the customer to realize a need that your product fills. When this need is realized, he should be convinced that your product is the right product to purchase. Since these eBooks are free and there are no “sales people” making the pitch about your product, customers are often more open-minded about the information in your eBook.

Many internet marketing resources will give you sources for ready-made eBooks that you can tailor-fit your product. These private label rights (PLR) products are available for your use for a fee and sometimes for a given period or number of “publications” or “releases.” The downside to using these PLR products is that you share the template with other internet marketers. There is no way for you to know whether your prospective customer has already been reached by these other internet marketers. If you do not want to be limited by these factors, it is easy enough for you to come out with your own killer eBook to promote your business. You only need to have a good understanding of your product and how it fits into your target customers’ lives in order to come up with a killer eBook.


These are three of the most important elements to consider in writing a killer eBook:

  1. Relevance – even if you offer your eBook for free, no one will likely jump at your offer if it is not relevant to them. Find out what your target customers want to know and hear about and write about it in your eBook. The contents of your eBook should be relatable to your audience. It should be written in a language that they understand and in a tone that appeals to them. When you have succeeded in doing this, you can be sure that your target customers will read your eBook from cover to cover.
  2. Credibility – you cannot simply blab about a hodgepodge of topics in your eBook. You have to give your customers information that is well-based and accurate. Citing scientific evidence and research findings to support your information is a good way of lending credibility to your eBook. Make sure, though, that you do not take the work of others as your own. Give due credit to the works that you cite and do not twist publicly issued statements to your favor. Finding an expert in the subject of your eBook and citing information from that expert is a good way to add credibility to your eBook.
  3. Value Proposition – once you have drawn your target customers with your information, you have to make sure that you have an excellent value proposition to convince them to consider your product. At this point, your eBook should have stirred in your target customers an urgent need to know more about your product with the intention of giving it a try. And here is where your killer eBook should reel in the catch with a link to your website and other contact information that leads to you.


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