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It was not so long ago when people’s faces begun appearing alongside the links you see in search results.  What’s going on? 

It was not so long ago when people’s faces begun appearing alongside the links you see in search results.  What’s going on?

It was not so long ago when people’s faces begun appearing alongside the links you see in search results. What’s going on?

Well, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts speculate that Google Authorship can influence the trend of future online marketing.  You are probably noticing that now especially when you see an attractive face before you.  Make sense isn’t it?  So how do you get your face out there?  Follow the steps below.

  • Create an account.  Go to to create an account.  It is recommended that you complete all of the fields needed so your profile will look more professional.  Do not forget to add a profile photo because it will be used on the search results claiming your authorship.  When you select a picture for your account, choose a professional-looking one.  This gives you credibility as a writer, as a source of information, and as a businessman.
  • Verify your email.  You do not need to necessarily use a Google Mail account to get verified.  Just make sure of the following: that your email address is under the same domain as your blog, that you are consistently updating your blog with posts, and that the byline you have on your blog is the same as the one you have on Google+.  For example, if you blog byline contains “by Juan de la Cruz”, make sure that the same byline appears in your Google+ profile.
  • Linking to your content. The content being referred to here is your blog.  Ideally, your Google+ account should be linked to your bio page but if you do not have any, just link it to the content of your blog.  You can find the option on the right side of your Google+ profile.
  • Linking to your Google+ profile.  In reverse, you will also need to link your content to your Google+ account.  You can start with your bio page if you have one by using the rel=me link.  If you do not have a bio page, you can link through the contents by using rel=author link.  Note that depending on your blog host, there is available plug-ins that will make this task easier for you.  Just download them.

That’s it. You’re done.

Now, do not let your excitement get the better off of you.  Take note that there are some factors affecting the probability of your face getting displayed in the search results.  The most important factor is search ranking.

You probably know that the traffic towards your blog influences the manner at which it is listed in search results.  Do not expect to see your face right after you complete linking your content with Google Authorship.  If you want this to happen, take some time to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) whether through paid or organic searches.

Your diligence in looking for ways to improve your rankings is also important.  You have to constantly monitor your posts and make sure that you are consistently coming out with new posts.  If you haven’t heard about rich snippet markups, read about it now and see how it helps out.

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