Google Tells the Future: Philippines’ Online State in 2016

Do you like predictions? Do you believe in them?

I’ve come across a few intriguing statements made by the search giant that shed light on how the country might be in 2016.

I’ve come across a few intriguing statements made by the search giant that shed light on how the country might be in 2016.

Well, I do. Not all though, just those that come from prominent companies that have a fairly reliable track record of making the right forecasts. Yes, I’m talking about Google. I’ve come across a few intriguing statements made by the search giant that shed light on how the country might be in 2016. As with other noteworthy prophecies, I think that it’d be a must to list them down and try to understand them further.

The Future Foretold

  • A Population Boom – Google believes that as the years pass more and more people will discover the web. What I find most interesting about the forecast though, is this: in 2016, more than 500 million new netizens throughout the world would have emerged. This means that when such a time comes, the Philippine’s online population would be much greater than it currently is, especially since there is no reason to expect that today’s web-browsing crowd would cease their surfing habits in the next few years.
  • Local to International – the search giant also claims that in 2016, most local business in Southeast Asia will have the ability to easily compete internationally by tapping into the power of the cyberspace. This is a very likely scenario. After all, the ways through which Filipino netizens could engage in transactions online are becoming increasingly accessible. For one, PayPal could be now be conveniently used by anyone who has an Eon Card. Moneybookers now serves Filipino entrepreneurs as well.
  • Server Speed Essentials – Google also predicts that several years from now server speed will be a vital factor in searchability. The multinational corporation explains that since those who frequently surf the web are learning about the perks of Google Instant, sites should be hosted on servers that are capable of high-speed transmissions. Given this information, it would be safe to say that server capacity would play an important role as well. After all, continuous and massive web traffic brings low-capacity servers to their knees.

   The Lessons Learned

        After spending enough time to think about such tech prophecies from Google, I realized that today’s entrepreneurs should act immediately. Every day, month, or year wasted would mean that another opportunity to become well adjusted to the future has slipped away. To be specific, here’s a brief list of what today’s business owners should do before 2016 arrives:

  • Build a website, make sure that SEO and all the other essentials have been given enough attention and would be enhanced on a regular basis
  • Take advantage of social media, try to garner support from netizens by piquing their attention and answering their queries through both Facebook and Twitter
  • Try to open electronic fee-processing accounts, PayPal and Moneybookers are slowly becoming a must-have locally and would give any business an edge when going global
  • Upgrade to a reliable high-capacity server, finding a dedicated one or a hosting service should not be difficult given the intense competition in such niches

Overall, I believe that even though Google’s predictions are focused on the future, only those who manage to prepare would enjoy success in 2016.

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