How to Choose the Best SEO Company in the Philippines


The Philippines is home to some of the most effective SEO Companies today. Not surprising as the Filipino public has already embraced the internet and businesses are scrambling to go where the market is.

local-search-engine-optimization-memeBenefits of Hiring the Right SEO Company

To put it simply – the right SEO Company would help you get to the top of the page results for your preferred keywords. Since more than 50% of searchers do not stray beyond the first page, this automatically means bigger traffic and profit for you. However, this is just one of the few benefits of a good SEO Company. If you’re lucky enough to find a reputable one, then following are other benefits you might find yourself enjoying:

  • Targeted Traffic – What’s the point of having a hundred visitors everyday if none of them falls within your target market? SEO Companies optimize your website to make sure that you are found by the people who have the capacity and the willingness to buy!
  • Well Made Website – Another part of an SEO Company’s service is setting up the website to be search engine friendly. Even the smallest things like the layout of your website could affect how the search engine views it. This also comes with the bonus of website usability, allowing visitors to manipulate the domain better.
  • Cost Effective – Considering how much it costs to get a spot in PH television commercials, the SEO marketing technique is definitely better. The size of available market online ensures ROI for the business.


Choosing the Right SEO Company in PH

Now that you know exactly what good SEO can do for you, the next step is to find a provider. Luckily, you don’t have to go far. There are lots of those in the Philippines, not surprising with the Filipino people being very active online.

  • Avoid the Top Lists – First of all, unless you’re 100% sure of the competency of the reviewer, don’t rely on Top SEO reviews. These are usually just elaborate marketing techniques designed to make you trust a company immediately. Instead, do your own research and compile your own reviews.
  • Know their Practices – It’s important that you also have an inkling regarding SEO practices, specifically which ones are allowed and which ones are considered black hat. This is important since you don’t want to find yourself banned or ignored by search engines. Question the company about their methods, paying particular attention to the legibility of those techniques. For example, the SEO Companies might practice keyword stuffing or other methods that might be detrimental to your company. Do not be afraid to ask them for the specifics of their service.
  • Know their Sources – This specifically refers to the back links of the SEO Company. They should come only from reputable websites and not link farms. Contrary to popular belief, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to back links.
  • Ranking – Find out what their website’s pagerank is. It should be around 4 or 5; otherwise they’re not really worth hiring. What good is an SEO company that can’t even optimize their own website?
  • Talk with a Representative – A personal vibe should help thing along, offering you the chance to assess the company. Keep in mind though that you shouldn’t let yourself close the deal without sufficient research over company background. Take this time to get an impression of the company, but reserve judgement first.
  • Ask for Reference – Find out if they’ve worked for any companies in the past and how they managed to boost the ranking of that company. You might want to check this out for yourself, assessing the reputation of the company and if they’re turning up for keyword searches.
  • Keywords – Ask what keywords they target and find out how they rank for those. Again, if they can’t optimize for their chosen keywords, their business expertise might seonot be that good.
  • Subscription – Do they offer subscription services? Keep in mind that SEO is not a one-shot deal. You need a Company that can offer continuous service to keep you on the top; otherwise a rival company might come off better. Subscriptions can go anywhere from a monthly to a yearly basis.
  • Updates – How long have they been operating? More importantly, what do they know about the latest SEO techniques? For this, you need to have at least some surface information about SEO methods and how they work. Keep in mind that the internet is a very competitive market and you want a company that is always ahead of others.
  • Niche Expertise – Now this one is completely arbitrary. What kind of service/product are you providing and is the company capable of handing your account? You’d want an SEO provider who have had experience with niche-related accounts and therefore know how to best market your service.
  • Tricky Guarantees – The keywords to be used by your company should be discussed between you and the SEO provider. If the SEO business is guaranteeing top ranking for whatever keyword you dictate, it’s time to cross them from the list. A good SEO company will always assess the situation before making any commitments. Also note, it’s impossible to guarantee a ranking of number one when it comes to SEO. If you provider gives this guarantee, you might want to look for something else.


Why not get an International SEO Company?

This is usually the first question business owners asked when approached with the question of SEO service. Although an international company might seem better, PH providers have a very important element working for them – familiarity of the market. This means that they’re better in understanding the online ranking for websites within the Philippines. They’re also aware of what the Filipino market wants and can customize their actions to fit those needs. Since you’re really catering to the Pinoy consumer – why would you choose a foreign SEO provider?

Bottom line: choosing the right SEO Company depends on various factors. There is no single element that you need to focus on but rather, take the different characteristics and compare them with each other. Only through careful review will you be able to find the best SEO Company that can fill your needs.

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